Monitor 66’s ‘Her Bells’

Monitor 66

This week the generally pretty awesome Silhouette Music, released ‘Her Bells’, the new single from Swedish trio Monitor 66. Getting their digital bass warmed up for the summer Monitor 66 have followed up their track ‘Triscuits’, which both The Magician and Zimmer rocked into their mixtapes with a track that is even more sweet.

‘Her Bells’ combines the smoothness of LA Disco with an energetic Italo flavoured Funk bassline. It’s a warm and inviting Dreamwavey Disco tune without a care in the world. While the track is laden with lush pads, sparkling bells and a deep, deep beat, it’s that digital bass that is the real deal sealer here. Like an the blissful ramblings of a Funk robot, that bassline just speaks to us. Alongside Gary Baldi, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra roll up for reMix duties and take things even deeper, before adding some 808 percussion and light House piano for a real smooth old school Chicago feel, and they keep the bassline! Good Work!

♫ Monitor 66 – Her Bells

♫ Monitor 66 – Her Bells (The Legendary 1979 Orchestra reMix)

Monitor 66 ‘Her Bells’ is out now.

Buy Monitor 66’s music from:


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