Jowie Schulner X Silenx


Silenx new EP is out soon on Boombar Music, and Boombar head honcho Jowie Schulner steps up for reMix duties.

Silenx and Schulner are two of the leading lights in the next wave of Synthwave/Dreamwave/Post-Nu-Disco-Synth (yeah, just made that up, you can keep it though) scene so the pairing is bound to produce something special. And it does, make sure your sitting down wearing epic protectors when listening to this track, ‘cos it’s epic as hell. Jowie rocks the soaring synth leads and fires them into outer space, they don’t overpower the rest of the track though, made up of rough digital bass and plinky-plonky melodies that are easy on the ear.

♫ Silenx – Kaleidoscope (Jowie Schulner reMix)

Silenx has a new EP out soon on Boombar Music.

Hear the rest on Silenx’s SoundCloud

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