[MP3] Selebrities reMix Keep Shelly In Athens’ ‘Recollection’


Keep Shelly In Athens

It’s part two of the  Keep Shelly In Athens and Selebrities reMix exchange program. After Keep Shelly In Athens reMixed Selebrities’ Temporary Touch, the Selebs are returning the favour for their Cascine labelmates by whipping up their recent single Recollection into a poppin’ vintage synth fest. Why don’t they just get a room!

From the offset, Selebrities drop an infectious B-boy beat, layering it with vintage synths in a way that brings early New Order to mind. Creating a truly beautiful vintage mood, Selebrities manage to keep this surprisingly funky amidst the washy-washy, reverb soaked, nostalgia. Sarah P’s vocals swim through clam waters of electronic sound and effortlessly meld with the five minutes of upbeat, optimistic, 80s glory.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Recollection (Selebrities reMix)

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[MP3] Keep Shelly In Athens reMix Selebrities’ ‘Temporary Touch’


Keep Shelly In Athens

You may think it’s Shark Week…but you’re wrong. It appears to be Keep Shelly In Athens week. Hot on the heels of Oostende, their ode to all things double ‘o’, come this wonderful, and a little scary, reMix of fellow Cascine labelmates SelebritiesTemporary Touch.

Eschewing the Post-Punk Shoegazeyness of the original for something a little more ambient and atmospheric, Keep Shelly In Athens take a tiny snatch of the vocals and repeats it through the length of the reMix until it becomes an unsettling mantra. Set against a backdrop of growling tones and ice chords, the vocal chant rides the machine beats and created a totally involving experience.

Selebrities – Temporary Touch (Keep Shelly in Athens reMix)

Selebrities’ Lovely Things is out now on Cascine.

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[Audio] Selebrities’ ‘Temporary Touch’



Here’s a lush bit of Shoegaze SynthPop to help soften the edges of the mid-week. Brooklyn four piece Selebrities have unleashed the first new track from their forthcoming second LP Lovely Things. To be released by those fine folks at Cascine, our first flavour of what’s to come is delivered in the form of the swirling Temporary Touch.

It’s a track that makes me feel seventeen again, as it wraps up the best in British early 90s Shoegaze in a bouncy electronic blanket. Temporary Touch slips along with Indie sensibilities and a pulsating synth bassline accompanied by a swathe of post-Chillwave soundscaping. But the hook here is the song, and Maria Usbeck introspective vocal, which have the ability to draw you right into Selebrities world and makes you feel like it’s 1993 again.

♫ Selebrities – Temporary Touch

Selebrities’ Lovely Things is set for release 25th June on Cascine.

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TEEEL & Selebrities


Rapidly becoming one of our favourite producers, the New Jersey based TEEEL cements his reputation even more by reMixing the awesome New Wave outfit Selebrities.

Taking ‘Forgotten’, Selebrities swirling mixture of Shoegaze and ElectroPop, TEEEL pulls back on the guitars and drops a huge electronic beat and layers of thick, lush synths. The track actually retains the same mood, the same dreamlike groove, but the added synths give it that cosmic edge and the variation in the drum pattern shake up the track.

Selebrities – Forgotten (TEEEL reMix)

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Selebrities’ ‘Night Heat’


‘Night Heat’ is the new single from New Wavers Selebrities, After their acclaimed album of late year, ‘Delusions’ it appears that they’ve been listening to early The March Violets a lot.

This new track really does sound like what would happen if Com Truise got really, really into early ‘80’s Goth, I’m still really not sure what to make of it, I like it but it makes my brain hurt. I turned my back on whiny, wall of sound,  guitar over two decades ago and now this track sounds like someone playing an old Goth tune over some SynthWave I really like and likening it as much as I do makes me feel dirty inside.

♫ Selebrities – Night Heat

The ‘Night Heat’ single is out 20th Match on Cascine.

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Work Drugs reMixed by Selebrities & Southern Shores

Basic RGB

Cascine, doing it again! This time they present Work Drugs’ Ice Warf’ a song that joins the growing list of songs in the last three years written about places I used to live just around the corner from, in this case the Ice Warf in Camden. Not sure why you’d want to write a song about a Wetherspoon’s, but the track is generally about getting drunk in Camden and mentions a few other places anyway. No Dublin Castle though?

Anyhoo, Cascine have got two of their finest acts on reMix duties. Kicking off with Selebrities who’s lush ‘80’s Pop version is the stand out for me. Their dreamy synths and raw beats capture my interpretation of the song perfectly. Southern Shores go in a slightly more Balearic direction with an ‘90’s House meets Chillwave sound.

Work Drugs – Ice Wharf (Selebrities reMix)

Work Drugs – Ice Wharf (Southern Shores reMix)

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Selebrities new video

Brooklyn New Wavers Selebrities are back with a new video for ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’, a brilliant meeting of Disco and Shoegaze.

Taken from their forthcoming début album ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’ gives a SynthPop flavour to a deep late 80’s Indie sound. I love how Selebrities are such a melting pot of influences, and they manage to make sometimes quite different sounds, work together perfectly.

Check the track too, it’s a great Walkman tune!

Selebrities – Can’t Make Up My Mind

Selebrities’ album ‘Delusions’ is out 17th May on Cascine.

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Selebrities’ new single

I hate the term New Wave, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. If you ever meet me in real life, buy me a beer and I’ll give you my ‘new wave rant’.

However, if there is a band for who the term (begrudgingly) fits it’s Brooklyn’s pretty awesome New Wave act Selebrities who have a new 12” on the horizon. They are just that right combination of Post-Punk and SynthPop that New Wave is supposed to be.

The new single,‘We’ve Been Foolish’/’When I Look At You’, sees more of their really authentically 80’s sounding tunes that mash up influences from New Order to Bauhaus to Kim Wilde. All this is complimented so well by Maria Usbeck’s ability to vocally slip in and out of the track.

Selebrities – When I Look At You

‘We’ve Boon Foolish’/’When I Look At You’ is released 23rd November on Cascine.

Selebrities @ Juno

Selebrities @ Amazon

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On a website about, let’s face it, a lot of 80’s influenced music to say a band sounds really 80’s seems a bit moot, but Brooklyn’s Selebrities sound really 80’s!

And I don’t mean in a Dreamwave, 80’s soundtrack, way, more in the back of a dingy SynthPop/Goth club way. From the sweeping analog synth sounds to the Peter Hook inspired bass to the boarderline Siouxsie Sioux vocals this is real Post-Punk synth synth. Saying that though, it also manages to be poppy as hell, setting it apart from the similarly influenced Coldwave/Minimal Synth sound.

The track ‘Audition’ from their début EP, ‘Ladies Man Effect’, is a perfect example of how they inject a touch of glamour and catchiness into, what is, quite a dark sound.

Selebrities – Audition

The ‘Ladies Man Effect’ EP is out now as a free download from Cascine.

Selebrities @ Cascine

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