Selebrities’ ‘Night Heat’


‘Night Heat’ is the new single from New Wavers Selebrities, After their acclaimed album of late year, ‘Delusions’ it appears that they’ve been listening to early The March Violets a lot.

This new track really does sound like what would happen if Com Truise got really, really into early ‘80’s Goth, I’m still really not sure what to make of it, I like it but it makes my brain hurt. I turned my back on whiny, wall of sound,  guitar over two decades ago and now this track sounds like someone playing an old Goth tune over some SynthWave I really like and likening it as much as I do makes me feel dirty inside.

♫ Selebrities – Night Heat

The ‘Night Heat’ single is out 20th Match on Cascine.

Buy Selebrities’ music from:


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