[Audio] Keep Shelly In Athens’ ‘Oostende’


Keep Shelly In Athens

We don’t mean to repeat ourselves (actually, what are we talking about, of course we repeat ourselves, we must have a keyboard shortcut for typing the word ‘groove’!) but as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago Greek SpacePoppers Keep Shelly In Athens are soon to release their long awaited début album, via those lovely folk at Cascine. The albums called At Home, and this is our second taste of what’s to come, Oostende.

It’s a lovely tune, not least because the title begins with two ‘o’s (always a winner) or that it appears to be named after the Belgian post town us Brits ferry to if we can’t afford France (or are headed to Amsterdam). No, it’s lovely because it’s a swirling blanket of shimmering synths with which to soothe your head. As Sarah P.’s vocals cut through the icy warmth of contradictory soundscapes you’re taken down magic music corridors and you’ve just got to hope Keep Shelly In Athens know where they are going. Also, it’s quite a good Chillwavey ElectroPop tune too!

♫ Keep Shelly In Athens – Oostende

Keep Shelly In Athens’ début album is due out 17th September on Cascine.

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