[Audio] Selebrities’ ‘Temporary Touch’



Here’s a lush bit of Shoegaze SynthPop to help soften the edges of the mid-week. Brooklyn four piece Selebrities have unleashed the first new track from their forthcoming second LP Lovely Things. To be released by those fine folks at Cascine, our first flavour of what’s to come is delivered in the form of the swirling Temporary Touch.

It’s a track that makes me feel seventeen again, as it wraps up the best in British early 90s Shoegaze in a bouncy electronic blanket. Temporary Touch slips along with Indie sensibilities and a pulsating synth bassline accompanied by a swathe of post-Chillwave soundscaping. But the hook here is the song, and Maria Usbeck introspective vocal, which have the ability to draw you right into Selebrities world and makes you feel like it’s 1993 again.

♫ Selebrities – Temporary Touch

Selebrities’ Lovely Things is set for release 25th June on Cascine.

Buy Selebrities’ music from:


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