Beaumont’s début EP

In a really fucked up coincidence it is exactly two years, to the day, that we first posted about Beaumont (well, his first solo post, if you discount a post about a Ladyhawke reMix), and it’s this day that he chooses to release his début EP!

So, what’s changed in two years? Well, we’ve seen the man develop and hone his studio skills, we’ve seen a maturing and evolution in the musicality of his work, but he’s never really strayed too far from his vision. Even in his early work you can hear hints that where he is now is where he was headed all along. The mixing up of Nu-Disco, Dreamwave and ChipTune that became Beaumont’s trademark always had a certain epicness to it that has now found a distinctive voice in his current Downtempo-Dreamwave (for want of a better description) output. ‘City Meets Soldier’ is an eight minute musical narrative that slides from mood to mood, kept in check with a solid groove. These seems to be seven distinctive parts, or chapters, to the track that each have something to say individually whilst advancing the overall arrangement. Now, I have no idea whether that’s just me reading too much into the track, but it’s pretty sophisticated songwriting and would appear to be the culmination of Beaumont’s recent interest in more atmospheric and evocative music.

It’s also pretty easy on the ears!

Beaumont (Feat. Ill Collins) – City Meets Soldier (Original Mix)

There’s four reMixes on the EP, by the likes of Shelby Gray, Farfetched Clancy and Ren Riz. The latter two take the track straight back to the dancefloor. Ren drops a slightly Acid flavoured Electro-House track, the kind that completely absorbs you on the dancefloor while Clancy seriously raised the bar with what is probably my favourite reMix on the EP that hold onto Beaumont’s epic feel and wraps it in some sweet sweet Disco.

Beaumont (Feat. Ill Collins) – City Meets Soldier (Clancy reMix)

Beaumont (Feat. Ill Collins) – City Meets Soldier (Ren Riz reMix)

Right, Reader, you have a choice now, and I’m trusting you as a person of integrity and taste to make the right decision. You can pick up the ‘City Meets Soldier’ EP two ways. Beaumont is giving it away, all five tracks, on his SoundCloud as 128kbps mp3s, or you can grab the whole EP in it’s full 320kbps nuanced format for a paltry $4 from Beaumont’s Bandcamp site.

You know what to do.

Buy Beaumont’s music from:


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