Something extra from Mitch Murder


I’m going to presume you have already bought Mitch Murder’s new album, ‘Current Events’, one of the albums of the year? If not, you should. if you have, here is something a little extra from the man.

‘Last Call’ is pure ‘80’s soulful ElectroPop. Deep sounds and the hint of synthesised electric guitar just bring to mind Jan Hammer’s moodier Miami Vice moments. With a bass sound that reminds me of Trevor Jones’ ‘Labyrinth’ soundtrack, the Florida licks and some sax moods coming into the finale there are so many movie moments I can see this track working in. From the hero brooding in the calm before the storm to the spotlight prom dance in a teen flick, this tune has just the right vibe.

Mitch Murder – Last Call

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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