[MP3] Russ Chimes’ ‘Turn Me Out’ reMixed by Maxum



Normally we’d be weary of reMixes of Russ Chimes tunes. For us, it’s hard to improve upon the Chimes, or even compete with. So when this email dropped into out mailbox we approached with trepidation. It’s turns out it’s pretty awesome. This mix if Russ’ recent single Turn Me Out comes from Torontonian producer Maxum who’s seven minute big room epic is both engrossing and slickly produced. Oh, and did we mention, this guys fifteen fucking years old! It’s like Madeon all over again only twelve months more ridiculous.

A brief glance over Maxum’s SoundCloud page reveals his usual style is amazingly well produced, but not really our thing, American dance music, don’t-make-me-say-it, you know what we mean. He’s amazing good at it though, but this Russ Chimes mix is something deferent altogether. Pulsating Progressive House, with hints of SynthWave. A main room sound that draws you into seven minutes, delivering ever increasing levels of energy. Layers of shimmering synths build and build alongside a pure Tropical hook. We’d definitely like to hear more like this from this kid.

Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Maxum 2.0 reMix)

Russ Chimes’ Turn Me Out is out now on DeConstruction.

Buy Russ Chimes’ music from:

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