[Audio] Monsieur Adi & A*M*E’s ‘What’s Going On?’


Monsieur Adi

It feels like everyone’s coming of age this week. Two producers we’ve been championing for years are set to explode, first Mitch Murder is gearing up to drop his Mad Decent début, and now our good friend Monsieur Adi, who’s been poised for a mainstream embrace for a while now, is about to release his début single via Relentless/Sony. Not only that, but the track features the UK’s current House vocalist darling A*M*E. After a run of major projects, producing Seal, reMixing Beyoncé, Adi’s time is now.

Long time Adi fans will instantly recognise What’s Going On?. It’s a track that’s been brewing for a while, since 2010 in fact when we first heard the Frenchman’s reMix of Soul II Soul’s Back To Like (However Do You Want Me?). In the in-between years the track has been given an extreme makeover, they synths are fatter, the beats harder, the orchestration more epic and  the Caron Wheeler vocal line has been replaced by A*M*E who is sounding, frankly, better than I’ve ever heard her as she makes the track her own and delivers a truly stratospheric performance. This is the best of Adi, rousing stings, thick synth hooks, a Dreamwavey Disco style wrapped up with hard Electro production and Pop sensibilities. It’s gonna’ be huge.

♫ Monsieur Adi (Feat. A*M*E) – What’s Going On?

Monsieur Adi’ What’s Going On? is released soon.

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Mikky Ekko’s ‘Kids’


Mikky Ekko

Our favourite Frenchman Monsieur Adi is on such a roll these days. Finally getting some of that attention we’ve been saying he should be getting for years now, some big names are starting to look Adi’s way, not least due to his recent production stint for Seal. Up right now is his reMix of American singer Mikky Ekko’s single, Kids.

This is Adi at his ElectroPop finest. Despite having a massive track record with big Electro tunes and Symphonic Dreamwave, Adi really knows his Pop, and proves it right here. Raising the track higher than is ever was originally, Adi, drops hugs beats and retro synths, washing the track in a nostalgic sheen that flows with the vocals perfectly. This sounds like it should have always been this was. The Parisian strikes again.

♫ Mikky Ekko – Kids (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Mikky Ekko’s Kids is out now.

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Say Lou Lou


Say Lou Lou

We’ve been looking forward to this one. We twigged a few weeks ago that the amazing Monsieur Adi was reMixing the new single from Australian/Swedish sisters Say Lou Lou new single Julian. It’s a deep, emotional song, just the kind of thing that we imagined Adi could really get his teeth into, and he did, and here it is.

It’s actually quite old school Adi. A warm Dreamwavey Nu-Disco track, loaded with ElectroPop affectations. A big French Touch floorfiller, Adi plays with the mood of the track perfectly, giving it a dancey boost without loosing and if the tune’s inherent romanticism. Pulsing synthetic bass, effecting stabs and big airy pads mingle together and wisp around the vocals like smoke. Adi the producer of the moment, and in high demand, and this reMix shows just why. This is how you reMix for the dancefloor and stay classy.

♫ Say Lou Lou – Julian (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Say Lou Lou’s Julian is released 6th May

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Swiss Lips


Swiss Lips

One of our favourite producers working right now, Monsieur Adi, has dropped yet another new track. This time it’s a reMix of Manchester IndiePop outfit Swiss Lips’ new single, U Got The Power. The record is out now and well worth it, if just for Adi’s stunning DiscoPop take on the track.

Adi takes an already uplifting, euphoric, track and applier to it some of his trademark orchestrated Disco. Bringing a little of that old Fire Fire Fire Adi to the mix, he bring it home with some big pumping synth stabs, a fluid beat and an infectious piano hook. This is exactly the kind of song Adi is prefect for reMixing, there’s an optimism in his music that matches up with the tone of U Got The Power perfectly. Another stunner from Adi, but we would expect no less.

♫ Swiss Lips – U Got The Power (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Swiss Lips U Got The Power single is released 22nd April.

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[Mixtape] Monsieur Adi’s new mixtape

Monsieur Adi

Monsieur Adi – Mixtape Édition N°2 = The man that is Adi drops some of his favourite tunes of the moment. It;’s an awesome 45 minutes with some seriously choice cuts.

Monsieur Adi – Mixtape Édition N°2

The tracklist:

01. Rai Knight – Working Hard
02. Adam Tensta (Feat. Jaqe) – Grapevine
03. Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Monsieur Adi reMix)
04. Yelle – L’Amour Parfait
05. The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What To Do? (Erkka reMix)
06. Newtimers – Falling
07. Monsieur Adi (Feat. Aaron Alexis) – You
08. Jamie Lidell – What A Shame
09. Solange – Lovers In The Parking Lot
10. Kate Boy – Northern Lights
11. Tâches – Stockhausen
12. Kavinsky – Protovision
13. James Blake – Retrograde

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi & Aaron Alexis

Monsieur Adi

Even more from Monsieur Adi now, with his new track, featuring the vocals of none other than Aaron Alexis. We heard word these two were working together a while back, but we didn’t know the track was already done. A nice surprise for the start of the week.

You is big, moody tune. Adi whips up a dark future soundscape, loaded with chainsaw synths and a steady machine beat. The most French Electro sounding track Adi has produced for quite a while, You shares some of it’s DNA with the likes of Kavinsky and Justice, in that slow, pounding, musical Electro vein. Aarons hazy vocals tempers all the ominous overtones, curling in and out of the track like smoke.

♫ Monsieur Adi (Feat. Aaron Alexis) – You

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Phildel


Here’s a brand new reMix from the world’s most underrated producer Monsieur Adi. The Frenchman is tackling the new single from up-and-coming British artist Phildel. Phidel is a London based singer/songwriter who is about to release her second single, Beside You, at the end of the month, and Adi gives the track a typically bombastic makeover.

Powerful is the best word to describe this track. You’ll know by now that Adi has a flair for big, cinematic, sounds, which he works in to this, initially gently, track. Heavy, industrial, beats pin the track down while Adi’s rousing orchestration and thickly layered synths raise it up to it’s dramatic climax. Phidel’s sweet voice could have easily got lost amongst the epicenes, but Monsieur Adi deftly handles the vocals, allowing just the right amount of space in the track. Another classic mix from Adi.

♫ Phildel – Beside You (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Phidel’s Beside You is released 28th January.

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Don Diablo


Monsieur Adi’s back with a brand new reMix. The French wizard uploaded his latest sounds to his SoundCloud page today and it’s a stormer, and one we first heard in his latest mixtape. He’s delivered his take on Don Diablo forthcoming new single, the Noonie Bao featuring M1 Stinger, and it’s a track that really let’s Adi play around and do what he loves.

In all honestly we haven’t been overly keen on anything Diablo has done since Animale, but we’ve been constantly loving every scrap of Adi’s post-Nu-Disco output, we easily rate him as on of the most talented musicians working in dance music right now, his latest experimentations have been nothing short of beautiful. Within his reMix of M1 Stinger is everything you’d want from an Adi track, a rich string section, head-nodding Electro beats and  an added layer of melody as Adi twists the vocal, using it as another instrument in his orchestra. Speaking of the vocal, it’s actually really sweet, Bao’s tone works really well with the new, introspective, Adi. All these emotive elements culminate in a screaming synth solo. The track is beautiful, there’s not a lot more than that we can say.

♫ Don Diablo (Feat. Noonie Bao) – M1 Stinger (Monsieur Adi reMix)

M1 Stinger is released 21st January.

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Monsieur Adi’s ‘Some Kind Of Love’

Monsieur Adi

We’ve got another new track right now from Monsieur Adi. The amount of new tunes Adi has been releasing recently leads us to believe he might have something planned. An album maybe? Or maybe he’s just finding his sound, experimenting before taking the plunge into album waters. Either way, it’s a win for us as the man never disappoints.

Some Kind Of Love, Adi’s new track, flows like water out of the speakers. Warm tones and gently plucked guitar give the track a pensive, introspective mood. Like the moment in an 80s action flick where the anti-hero is reassessing his actions before the final fight. Basically an ‘In The Air Tonight’ moment. Adi captures the feel perfectly with layers of atmospheric synths and a heart-breaking melody.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Some Kind Of Love

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New tunes from Monsieur Adi


We’re loving the new stuff from French prodigy Monsieur Adi. He seems to have got making storming dancefloor tracks out of his system, for a while at least, to concentrate on some really beautiful pieces. Not that there was anything wrong with Adi making banging tunes, he’s was the best at it, but there are other areas his considerable musicality can shine.

So here’s three new tracks from Adi. The first, Alabastre, is a sweeping orchestral electronic piece where washes of stings ebb and flow over a sparse electronic beat while synthetic pluses and Sci-Fi tones. Mysterious and otherworldly, the futuristic opus of Alabastre truly captures the imagination as Adi;’s sting arrangements once again lift us up. Manual is an altogether different best. At once jaunty and reflective, with Aid adding horns to his orchestration before slowly bring in broken beats while Blueprints/Utopia (a sequel to his track Dystopia?) sees Adi return to the dancefloor. Melding driving electronic beats and synth growls with his cinematic strings with a rousing, and slightly Italo, result. We hope Monsieur Adi has an album in the works, we could listen to his works all day.

Monsieur Adi – Alabastre

Monsieur Adi – Manual

Monsieur Adi – Blueprints/Utopia

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