[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Don Diablo


Monsieur Adi’s back with a brand new reMix. The French wizard uploaded his latest sounds to his SoundCloud page today and it’s a stormer, and one we first heard in his latest mixtape. He’s delivered his take on Don Diablo forthcoming new single, the Noonie Bao featuring M1 Stinger, and it’s a track that really let’s Adi play around and do what he loves.

In all honestly we haven’t been overly keen on anything Diablo has done since Animale, but we’ve been constantly loving every scrap of Adi’s post-Nu-Disco output, we easily rate him as on of the most talented musicians working in dance music right now, his latest experimentations have been nothing short of beautiful. Within his reMix of M1 Stinger is everything you’d want from an Adi track, a rich string section, head-nodding Electro beats and  an added layer of melody as Adi twists the vocal, using it as another instrument in his orchestra. Speaking of the vocal, it’s actually really sweet, Bao’s tone works really well with the new, introspective, Adi. All these emotive elements culminate in a screaming synth solo. The track is beautiful, there’s not a lot more than that we can say.

♫ Don Diablo (Feat. Noonie Bao) – M1 Stinger (Monsieur Adi reMix)

M1 Stinger is released 21st January.

Buy Don Diablo’s music from:


Redial reMixes Don Diablo

Something to kick off your weekend?

How about this awesome bangin’ reMix Redial have done for Don Diablo’ ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’. Distorted synths in your face like some kind of Electro Death Metal, this shit should get you weekend started. Wait ‘til the 1:20 mark, it will kick your ears in!

Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy? (Redial Refix)

‘Who’s Your Daddy’ is out now:

Don Diablo @ Beatport

Don Diablo @ Juno

Don Diablo @ 7Digital

Don Diablo @ Amazon

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Rox is a 22 year old half Jamaican, half Iranian singer/songwriter currently signed to Rough Trade and making waves on the live music scene.

Her forthcoming single ‘I Don’t Believe’ has had reMix treatments from the Electro-House and Dubstep ends of the electronic music spectrum by Don Diablo and Landlord respectively. Diablo’s take on the track builds, on top of the Roots elements, a 2-step Electro track that will have you groovin’ wherever you hear it while Landlord expertly crafts a deep, dark bass monster.

Rox – I Don’t Believe (Don Diablo reMix) (zShare) (Sharebee)

Rox – I Don’t Believe (Landlord reMix) (zShare) (Sharebee)

I gotta’ say, the Don Diablo mix is one of my favourite tracks of the week!

Rox’s début album, ‘Memoirs’ is out soon and her current single ‘My Baby Left Me’ is available now.

Rox @ Beatport

Rox @ Juno

Rox @ 7Digital

Rox @ Amazon

Don Diablo reMixes Ou Est Le Swimming Pool


Ou Est Le Swimming Pool latest single ‘These New Knights’ gets a full on Electro mix from Don Diablo.

The prolific reMixer takes the Electro Funk laden original and creates a building foorfiller with layers of growling synths and cut up vocals.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – These New Knights (Don Diablo reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘These New Knights’ is out now.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ Beatport

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ Juno

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ 7Digital

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool @ Amazon

Don Diablo & Example


Already getting as tidy bit of Radio1 airplay is  ‘Hooligans’, the first single from Don Diablo & Example’s forthcoming album.

This is hardcore, bullshit free, boot stomping electro

There’s a lot of reMixes out there, here are three of my favourites and the original extended. Noisia ups the French House flavour a bit while Wire and A1 Bassline keep it strictly Dubstep:

Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Extended Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Noisia reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (Wire reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (A1 Bassline reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

already tearing up UK club charts ‘hooligans’ is released June 26th.

Don Diablo @ Beatport

Don Diablo @ Juno

Don Diablo @ Amazon

Frankmusik gets the Don Diablo treatment


Don Diablo is a reMix machine! The man must work 24 hours a day, he churns out quality reMix after quality reMix. His newest subject is Frankmusik, with a reMix of his forthcoming single ‘Confusion Girl’

A departure from Don’s usual bangers this reMix is a groovin’ epic that will have your head nodding and toes tapping with some interesting use of guitars on top of the synth work as Mr. Diablo plays fast and loose with Vincent’s vocals.

A perfect summer evening track.

Frankmusik – Confusion Girl (Don Diablo Loves To Slowdance reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The ‘Confusion Girl’ single drops July 6th.

Frankmusik @ Beatport

Frankmusik @ Juno

Frankmusik @ 7Digital

Frankmusik @ Amazon

Don Diablo @ Beatport

Don Diablo @ Juno

Don Diablo @ Amazon

Dragonette Vs. Don Diablo


And now we return to your regularly scheduled programme…

So, Dragonette are back and have thrown their frothcoming single ‘Fixin’ To Thrill’ all over the interwebs for reMixing. Luckily for us the fist taker is the mighty Don Diablo who mixes up the New Wave with some dirty, rocking Electro.

Dragonette – Fixin’ To Thrill (Don Diablo reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Dragonette – Fixin’ To Thrill (Don Diablo Dub) (zShare) (MedisFire)

‘Fixin’ to Thrill’ is released in the last week of May

Dragonette @ Beatport

Dragonette @ 7Digital

Dragonette @ Amazon

Cagedbaby: Forced


Cagedbaby will be dropping his new single at the end of this month and its a rockin’ ElectroPop anthem full of screaming synths and impassioned stadium vocals.

Check out these two reMixes by Don Diablo and Foamo. Everything Don Diablo touches these days seems to turn to retro Electro-House gold and, as expected, here he delivers a smooth Electro-House jam with an 80’s flavour. In contrast, Foamo turns the track into a giant warp bass banger.

Cagedbaby – Forced (Don Diablo’s Forced In 1986 reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Cagedbaby – Forced (Foamo reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Head on over to Cagedbaby’s MySpace to hear the original.

‘Forced’ is released April 26th on Southern Fried Records.

Cagedbaby @ Beatport

Cagedbaby @ Juno

Cagedbaby @ 7Digital

Cagedbaby @ Amazon