[Audio] Little Boots’ ‘Taste It’


little boots

Business Pleasure. That’s the title of the forthcoming new EP from the awesome Little Boots. We weren’t expecting brand new material so soon (given the length of time between albums one and two), the the early December release will be a nice pre-X-mas present. Victoria has just unveiled the EP’s lead track, Taste It. Which, after her experience with Disco, Pop and House, is surprisingly the most ecclectic song she has produced to date.

There a Grimes-like experimentalism to Taste It, alongside and Scandinavian MØ-ness, but this new avant-garde injection never overshadows Victoria’s ease with pure Pop music. In fact, she finds a certain harmony between the left-field and the Pop that seemed to have escaped others in the genre. Taste It is a hypnotic, bass pulsating, tribal rhythmed electronic dream led by Little Boots mantra vocals. It’s like nothing we’ve ever heard from Little Boots, and it’s exciting to hear her flex her creative muscles without the constraints of label pressure. Also, Com Truise had a hand in production, which is pretty awesome.

♫ Little Boots – Taste It

Little Boots’ Business Pleasure EP is released 1st December.

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[Download] Little Boots’ bootleg of Todd Terje’s ‘Inspector Norse’



We don’t normally write about tracks twice, but we’re going to make an exception here. ElectroPop queen Little Boots’ amazing vocal bootleg of Norwegian Cosmic Disco groover Todd Terje’s instantly recognisable Inspector Norse, which we wrote about a couple of weeks ago, is now available as a download, courtesy of Boot herself.

You can read what we wrote about it here, we won’t harp on about it again (but it is very very good). “hat you’re probably after is the track itself. Grab it below while it’s hot.

Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Audio] Little Boots’ bootleg of Todd Terje’s ‘Inspector Norse’


Little Bootleg   Todd is so hot   YouTube

Little Boots returned this this weekend to bring a ray of sunshine into our lives in the form of this cheeky bootleg of Norwegian Cosmic Disco king Todd Terje’s now legendary Inspector Norse. We’re not really sure what it’s called; it comes from a mixtape Boots did for Vice’s Thump website where it is noted in the tracklist as ‘Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Little Bootleg)’, whereas she uploaded it to YouTube under the moniker ‘Little Bootleg – Todd Is So Hot’. So we’re calling it ‘Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)’, which we think nicely covers all the bases. Also; ‘Little Bootleg’ is genius.

Boots delivers an edit with a twist. Well, if you’ve got a voice like Victoria then why wouldn’t you sing all over stuff? Taking Inspector Norse, and already incredibly and catchy-as-hell- tune, to the next level, Little Boots lends the track a floaty layer of vocals, exceptionally suited to the burbling dancefloor groove. Terje delivers vintage, cosmic and quirky while Boot’s serves up shiny, glamorous and mirrorballed; the two work together perfectly. We’d love this to be released!

♫ Todd Terje (Feat. Little Boots) – Inspector Norse (‘Todd Is So Hot’ Little Bootleg)

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Video] Annie’s ‘Russian Kiss’



ScandiPop queen Annie has dropped a surprise new track in the form of the timely Russian Kiss. It’s more of Annie’s Acid tinged, Richard X produced, 90s Pop and is a collaboration with Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard.

The video, directed by Richard Kern, along with the song are Annie’s reaction to Russia’s current majorly bigoted anti-gay and blasphemy laws for the dark ages.

Annie’s The A&R EP is out now.

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[Download] Little Boots’ ‘Nocturnal Versions’ EP


Little Boots

Well, this is a nice start of the week surprise. ElectroPop princess Little Boots is not only releasing, digitally, two tracks that have only been available previously on limited edition 12”, but she’s releasing them for free. All in celebration of her impending show at Heaven in London where she’ll be playing a special set with a one-off expanded live band. So get stuck into these two hypnotic edits of Broken Record and Strangers.

Both are tracks taken from her recently released sophomore album, Nocturnes, presented here as quite radically reworked dancefloor monsters. Strangers becomes an eight minute epic with all the DJ friendly bits expanded and a few Dubby effects thrown into the mix to form a decent edit. It’s companion, Broken Record, delivers on the album version promise of an Acid workout. The original track starts to fade out at around four and a half minutes, just as the dirty 303-esque riffs kick in. On this Nocturnal Version you get an extra three minutes of pedal-to-the-metal dancefloor action. Not to be sniffed at.

Little Boots – Broken Record (Nocturnal Version)

Little Boots – Strangers (Nocturnal Version)

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Video] Little Boots’ ‘Shake’


Little Boots   Shake  Music Video    YouTube

It never really occurred to us that Little Boots’ first post-Hands single, Shake (nearly two years old now) never had a video. Well, better late than never, and now that the awesome Nocturnes album is out in the wild it makes sense to draw attention to one of it;s finest tracks.

The clip is part dance audition, part Robot Wars, and robots make anything at least 80% better.

Little Boots’ Nocturnes album is out now.

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[Audio] Tom Aspaul’s ‘Indiana’


Tom Aspaul

This is Tom Aspaul. According to his bio he’s a singer, songwriter, Virgo and in London. Now you’re well acquainted we can let you know that that Tom Aspaul’s Indiana is the inaugural release on Little Boots’ On Repeat Records. The track was produced by R&B tinged House producer MENK and was released today alongside a reMix from FTSE.

Indiana is a pretty classy slice of soulful Electronic Pop. Rolling on a dance beat with a healthy sing to it, the track is thick with arpeggios and vocal harmonies. The bright clean synth sound doesn’t cling to any particular genre, more delivering a classic slab of ElectroPop that will no doubt prove to be timeless. Slight hints of a Tropical vibe, alongside Aspaul’s optimistic vocals, lend the tune a summery feel. All-in-all it’s a might fine piece of SynthPop, a confident début both for Aspaul and for On Repeat Records. There’s only one tiny problem with this otherwise excellent slice of Pop. The vocals are a little too AutoTuned. Either Mr. Aspaul has got serious vocal correction needs or the vocal producer doesn’t really get how to use AutoTune, either as a studio tool or an effect. It’s a small issue though and no where near annoying enough to dilute enjoyment of the track.

♫ Tom Aspaul – Indiana

Tom Aspaul’s Indiana is out now.

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[Video] Little Boots’ ‘Satellite’


Little Boots   Satellite   YouTube

With the reMix package for ElectroPop queen Little BootsSatellite upon us, here’s the brand new video for the track, the fifth to be taken from Boots’ Nocturnes. It’s a good choice for a single from a very good album.

Co-Directed by Victoria Hesketh herself & Sam Brown and was filmed inside The Blackpool Tower in Boots’ hometown.

Little Boots’ Satellite single is out now.

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[Audio] Little Boots reMixes Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Love Is A Bourgeois Construct’


Pet Shop Boys

Are you ready for some seriously cosmic Moog Funk? You’d better be. This week the new single from Pet Shop Boys’ excellent Electric album was released, and Love Is A Bourgeois Construct comes with a whole host of reMixes, including this groover from Little BootsLittle Boots Discothèque side of things.

Boots takes these SynthPop legends and drags them straight to the dancefloor, easing them onto it with some lush galactic synths and retro futuristic zaps, before bringing in an absolutely massive, infection, Funk bassline that warbles it’s way through the entire track. It;s really that bassline that pins down the song, the combination of that plus Neil’s vocals might seem like strange bedfellows, but Boots makes it work perfectly. This tune is surprisingly authentic sounding early Disco, all mirrorballs and spangley suits, which somehow plays to the track itself. Addictive listening.

♫ Pet Shop Boys – Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Little Boots Discothèque Edit)

Pet Shop Boys’ Love Is A Bourgeois Construct is out now.

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[MP3] Free Johan Agebjörn/Sally Shapiro reMix album, ‘Sweetened’



Never one to sit around on his arse, prolific ElectroPop producer Johan Agebjörn having already released the new Sally Shapiro album and it’s associated collection of reMixes, the man is keeping himself busy by releasing this free compilation of his reMix work, both as himself and as part of Sally Shapiro. Sweetened pulls together some pretty big names that Agebjörn has gifted with his production skills, featuring the likes of Little Boots, Jam & Spoon, Glass Candy, Lindstrøm, CFCF, Wolfram and Holy Ghost! and Hercules And Love Affair, and more.

It’s hard to pick favourites from this sweet collection, the releases here span a couple of years and showcase every side to Agebjörn’s production. From the blistering ElectroPop to the growling Italo, Johan always injects his music with an emotional energy, often mirroring the mood of the vocals, rising and falling with the sentiment of the track. Expect an album’s worth of punchy dance beats and starlight synthesizers that whirl around your head. At times the album show’s off Agebjörn deeper, groovier, more experimental side, but on the whole you’re treated to 13 tracks from one of the best ElectroPop producers in the world working today. Did we mention it was free?

Little Boots – Crescendo (Sally Shapiro Diminuendo reMix)

Wolfram (Feat. Hercules And Love Affair) – Fireworks (Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas (Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Glass Candy – The Chameleon (Johan Johan Agebjörn reMix)

Johan Agebjörn/Sally Shapiro’s reMix album, Sweetened, is out now, get it here.

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