Little Boots is back!


Just typical. You wait around for mew music from Little Boots for over a year then, as soon as you’re away for the weekend she drops a new single!

So, yeah, if you have any kind of interest in electronic music and an internet connection then this isn;t going to be news of any kind, but this weekend Little Boots released ‘Shake’. First heard a couple of weeks ago in the ‘Shake Until Your heart Breaks’ mixtape this new single will effortlessly alleviate any fears of out tiny ElectroPop champion abandoning us for pastures Folk. ‘Shake’ is a deep House basslined track which works very well with Victoria’s slightly sultry voice to create a late night clubby groove. A nice ‘90’s Pop House sound and a bit of dancefloor hypnotism are present but wrapped up in a Pop package. All in all an amazing comeback.

♫ Little Boots – Shake

‘Shake’ is available right now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:


5 comments on “Little Boots is back!

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