[Audio] Little Boots’ ‘Taste It’


little boots

Business Pleasure. That’s the title of the forthcoming new EP from the awesome Little Boots. We weren’t expecting brand new material so soon (given the length of time between albums one and two), the the early December release will be a nice pre-X-mas present. Victoria has just unveiled the EP’s lead track, Taste It. Which, after her experience with Disco, Pop and House, is surprisingly the most ecclectic song she has produced to date.

There a Grimes-like experimentalism to Taste It, alongside and Scandinavian MØ-ness, but this new avant-garde injection never overshadows Victoria’s ease with pure Pop music. In fact, she finds a certain harmony between the left-field and the Pop that seemed to have escaped others in the genre. Taste It is a hypnotic, bass pulsating, tribal rhythmed electronic dream led by Little Boots mantra vocals. It’s like nothing we’ve ever heard from Little Boots, and it’s exciting to hear her flex her creative muscles without the constraints of label pressure. Also, Com Truise had a hand in production, which is pretty awesome.

♫ Little Boots – Taste It

Little Boots’ Business Pleasure EP is released 1st December.

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