[Audio] Tom Aspaul’s ‘Indiana’


Tom Aspaul

This is Tom Aspaul. According to his bio he’s a singer, songwriter, Virgo and in London. Now you’re well acquainted we can let you know that that Tom Aspaul’s Indiana is the inaugural release on Little Boots’ On Repeat Records. The track was produced by R&B tinged House producer MENK and was released today alongside a reMix from FTSE.

Indiana is a pretty classy slice of soulful Electronic Pop. Rolling on a dance beat with a healthy sing to it, the track is thick with arpeggios and vocal harmonies. The bright clean synth sound doesn’t cling to any particular genre, more delivering a classic slab of ElectroPop that will no doubt prove to be timeless. Slight hints of a Tropical vibe, alongside Aspaul’s optimistic vocals, lend the tune a summery feel. All-in-all it’s a might fine piece of SynthPop, a confident début both for Aspaul and for On Repeat Records. There’s only one tiny problem with this otherwise excellent slice of Pop. The vocals are a little too AutoTuned. Either Mr. Aspaul has got serious vocal correction needs or the vocal producer doesn’t really get how to use AutoTune, either as a studio tool or an effect. It’s a small issue though and no where near annoying enough to dilute enjoyment of the track.

♫ Tom Aspaul – Indiana

Tom Aspaul’s Indiana is out now.

Buy Tom Aspaul’s music from:


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