[Audio] Lamet’s ‘Bon Voyage’



More from Russia’s synth Disco wizardry now with this amazing new Tune from Lamet. Hot on the heels of his True Stories EP of late last year, the Moscow based producer is slowly building a new collection of tracks, including this, the beautifully atmospheric House track Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage hit just the right note for a toward-the-end-of-the-night track. A late night jam full of warehouse mystery whist still keeping a Nu-Disco groove. Additionally, there’s a hint of a Tropical vibe in the mix. With it’s many feet in many styles of music, Bon Voyage jockeys them all and wraps them up in an irresistible, warm, House tune that’ll have them leaving with a smile on their faces. Just listen, you’ll get what we mean.

♫ Lamet – Bon Voyage

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