[MP3] Kisses reMix The Embassy


The Embassy

Here’s a nice little, summery, reMix that LA SynthPop duo Kisses have done. the target of their laid back noodlings is Swedish Indie outfit The Embassy. Their recent single Everything I Ever Wanted is pure Folky Indie, but Kisses save the day  by injecting the track with some buzzy synths and B-Boy Beats.

It’s the bests and the vocals that sine in this mix. That’s early 80s drum machine beat give the song a whole new spin. Whilst there’s still a smattering of the originals guitar in this reMix, it’s nicely counterpointed by with warm synths and electric piano. The vocal becomes a smooth, almost Chillwavey, summery haze when balanced with Kisses chilled, Venice Beach, SynthPop. Morphing a twee Indie tune into a laid back summer crusin’ track, Kisses have worked their magic once again.

The Embassy – Everything I Ever Wanted (Kisses reMix)

Everything I Ever Wanted is taken from The Embassy’s album, Sweet Sensation, out now.

Buy The Embassy’s music from:


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