[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Borderline’



Now that we’ve gotten used to the fact that awesome LA Disco duo Classixx are well and truly back, we are ready for some now music. And here it is. Borderline is the B-side to their new single, Holding On, and is just a spot-on little treat to keep us going until Classixx’s album release, just days away now. As an added bonus, Borderline features the vocal stylings of fellow LA resident Jesse Kivel from ElectroPop outfit Kisses (who’s own forthoming, Cascine released, album is awesome BTW).

Borderline is the swirling, dreamlike, antidote to Holding On’s storming Disco credentials. The prefect chillout track, a largely beatless groove is based a pulsating arpeggio complimented by lightly struck snyths and percussion drifting, ghostly, in and out of the tune. Mostly centred around the rhythmic bass and Kivel’s heartfelt vocal, the track manages to be both infectiously catchy and completely relaxing. We’re really looking forward to the album, I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

♫ Classixx (Feat. Jesse Kivel From Kisses) – Borderline

Classixx’s Holding On is out now with remixes by Lifelike and Jerome LOL amongst others with their album following 14th March.

Buy Classixx’s music from:

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