Kelek; new tune and reMix for Pretty Boy Makes Rave


German SynthWave producer Kelek is back with a couple of new tracks. We’ve been keeping an eye on Kelek for a while now, ever since his standout entry in Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition last year he’s been impressing us. This week he drops a brand new original and a new reMix.

Kelek’s new tune, ‘Alaska’, as a laid back slick of smooth Dreamwave. A retro synthed bouncer that is made for cruisin’. Rolling along on a synth Funk bassline the track a slightly a lot of things. Slightly Italo, slightly Electro Boogie, slightly Tropical, and massively more of a chilled groove than Kelek’s previous works. It’s nice to see this smoother side to his productions, and to discover that he can work more than one sound. ‘Alaska’ is there for hot lazy days and good times. Kelek has also tackled Pretty Boy Makes Rave’s ‘Change’, bringing out his Italo side for the challenge. And it works too, his reMix of ‘Change’ is classic Italo with a bit of ‘90’s House piano thrown in for good measure and a twisting, infectious lead line. Kelek is really starting to step up his game, exciting things ahead!

Kelek – Alaska

Pretty Boy Makes Rave – Change (Kelek reMix)

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