In Flagranti’s new single

In Flagranti

Purveyors of perverted Disco In Flagranti return this month with a new single on Codek. Aside from desperately needing some kind of web presence (MySpace page is all that’s working? Really guys?) In Flagranti have been responsible for some of the most infectious tracks in the past five years. This new single, Interdisciplinary, sees the Swiss duo heading in a deeper, more synthetic, direction.

Built around a sample from Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra’s classic ‘Don’t Don’t’ from 1980, Interdisciplinary, still has that In Flagranti Disco pump but folds into it a, dare I say it, old school EBM metallic twang alongside some of the best use of vocal samples you’ll hear in a while. Originally released in 2011 after loads of play and a spot on the Gildas’ Kitsuné Club Mix album the track finally sees a decent release with a packed reMix collection. Included in the line up are MODE, who turn the track into a late ‘70’s Disco epic, all wicked licks and big dramatic piano. I’d say Renkas’ mix was most up our street. It’s a deep synth heavy DiscoPop track with added deadpan ElectroClash  vocal. It almost sounds retro now! Marius delivers the cosmic end of Disco that works the vocal samples to theatrical effect and builds his reMix to a funky crescendo. Bear Damen’s reMix is, well, lets face it, its’ actually an EBM track, a pretty good one too. Heavy 242 basslines and electronic noodling ahoy! The single also includes word from the likes of Jaguar Trax and is a surprising slice of dark Disco from these guys, but very welcome.

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Original Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (MODE Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Renkas Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Marius Mix)

♫ In Flagranti – Interdisciplinary (Bear Damen Mix)

In Flagranti’s Interdisciplinary is released 25th June.

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Rimer London & Renkas


You’ll probably know by now we here at electronic rumors are pretty big fans of Rimer London. Rimeroni Vumani’s analog, really synthetic, Disco sound just does it for us.

His recent single ‘Put Your Gun Away’ has been reMixed by, amongst others, Renkas for the reMix package. Renkas bring his laid back, almost Tropical, Electro Disco take on the track. A bouncy analog synth fans dream, this reMix is both retro and futuristic.

Rimer London (Feat. Cata Pirata) – Put Your Gun Away (Renkas reMix)

‘Put Your Gun Away’ is out now on Magnetron Music, with reMixes from the likes of Surkin, Para One, SirOJ, Mr. Jones and Nobody Beats The Drum.

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