[Video] Charli XCX’s ‘Cloud Aura’

Here’s Charli XCX’s new video, the rough and ready Cloud Aura featuring Brooke Candy (of Grimes’ Genesis video fame), as featured on her recent Super Ultra mixtape.

Ryan Andrews directs the clip, which we refuse to believe was made without the aid of booze.

You can grab the Super Ultra mixtape from Charli XCX’s website.

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[Audio] A.N.D.Y.’s new single


Just out is the new single from Belgian Disco-House master A.N.D.Y., and it kinda’ drops the Disco side of his musical equation. Featuring the vocals of New York singer/MC Nyemiah Supreme, the track is, we would go so far as to say, Hip-House. A genre not seen for over a decade, but well due for a funky comeback.

The appropriately named Pump It Up, is a slice of pure late 80s brilliance. The trick with Hip-House was to keep it upbeat and keep the raps catchy and both those boxes are ticked here. Kicking off with a woody House bassline it all goes a little Technotronic (no bad thing!) but with a decidedly 21s Century intelligence. Nyemiah’s party rap and big Pop-House chorus work amazingly well with A.N.D.Y.’s invigorating Chicago influenced groove. A classic sounding track with all the experience of Dance music in 2012.

♫ A.N.D.Y. (Feat. Nyemiah Supreme) – Pump It Up (Original)

A.N.D.Y.’s Pump It Up is out now.

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Goin’ Old School: Electronic, Mantronix & Electribe 101

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

From 1989, Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s Electronic project, here’s featruing Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant with Getting Away With It….

Pretty much Mantronix’s best tune, 1987’s Who Is It? Here on The Tube, as there’s no video.

Here’s Electribe 101 & Bille Ray Martin’s 1988 début, Talking With Myself.

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Charli XCX’s The Internet reMix video

This is the new official video for Odd Future’s The Internet reMix of one of the best songs of the year, Charli XCX’s You’re The One. The reMix is nice enough, not a patch on St. Lucia’s but it’s got a nice groove. The rapping, however, by Mike G, is some of the laziest, worst rhyming we’ve ever heard. Shame really, it ruins quite a cool mix.

Directed by Claire Boyd and Rayn Andrew, the video is all a bit three years ago. We’ve seen the whole Goecities/.gif thing done so many times now, admittedly this is probably the best we’ve seen it done, but it’s still done.

The You’re The One EP is out now, the single version is released 19th August.

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Goin’ Old School: Trans-X, Pop Will Eat Itself & Soul II Soul

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Power Italo first from Trans-X and Message On The Radio from 1986, it’s now all Living On Video y’know!

The the mighty Pop Will Eat Itself’s Def Con One from 1988.

And from 1988, Soul II Soul’s first release, the Rose Windross featuring Fairplay.

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Queen Of Hearts Vs. Tinie Tempah

Queen Of Hearts

Well, this track has just about made my week! It’s ‘No More’, one of the extra tracks on the digital version of Queen Of Hearts current ‘Neon’/‘Tears In The Rain’ single, mashed-up with the instrumental of Tinie Tempah master hit ‘Pass Out’.

There’s not much more I can say about that. Awesome, instantly recognisable Electro track, awesome, epic vocals. Sorted. Frankly, if you don’t love this, you don’t love life, and are probably going to have a miserable weekend.

Queen Of Hearts – No More (‘Pass Out’ Soundclash Version)

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ single is out right now. Also out now is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which Queen Of Hearts features.

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Lenno reMixes Gracias


Here’s a new reMix from one of our favourite current Nu-Disco producers, The Finnish Lenno. Originally recorded for a re-cap video of a Nike event in Helsinki, the man has now made it available to download from his Facebook page.

We briefly check out out the original, it’s well done, but pretty standard Hip Hop from Gracias called ‘40k Volts’. Lenno has stripped it down to it’s barest essentially, keeping just the occasional snatched of vocal and the rebuilt it as a main room Nu-Disco stormer. Lenno has such a huge peak time sound that is fast becoming his trademark. Dropping an extra bit of House piano into the mix, Lenno actives an even fuller track, and a groove that is guaranteed to keep the dancefloor moving. Isn’t it about time for a new Lenno EP? We definitely think so.

♫ Gracias X JTT (Feat. Eboi) – 40k Volts (Lenno reMix)

You can download the reMix in exchange for a ‘Like’ here.

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Electrosexual reMixes Peaches


Here we have a reMix of ‘Billionaire’ from Canadian ElectroPunk Peaches’ last album, ‘I Feel Cream, from 2009. It’s from French House genius Electrosexual and features Yo! Majesty’s Shunda K.. It’s a weird collection of elements that were big three years ago but it’s pretty awesome regardless.

You can kinda’ tell it’s a few years old, it’s got the crunchy Electro sound that fit in that period. It’s also really EBM, or at least Electro Industrial, it’s got chunky guitar samples, militaristic basslines and random LFO’d synths. Add to this Peaches and Shunds K.’s rapping it could be something from Consolidated, or The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy from the early ‘90’s, and I mean that in the best possible way, albeit with a bit of a contemporary glitterball sheen. You’re probably not going to be dropping it in your latest set, but it;s good fun nonetheless.

Peaches (Feat. Shunda K.) – Billionaire (Electrosexual reMix)

Peaches’ ‘I Feel Cream’ is out now.

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Mikill Pane and Little Bear

I almost passed this one over, but I’ve glad I didn’t. this is alternative rapper Mikill Pane with Little Bear of Ursa Minor (Little Bear) with ‘Cut Back FFWD’ and eclectic melting-pot track with a heavy dose of the ‘80’s.

The video is directed by Gaika Tavares, who keeps things simple and VHS choppy.

The track is taken from Mikill Pane’s ‘Morris Dancer’ EP, out now on Invader Music.

Mikill Pane and Little Bear will be  playing together at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Ursa Minor (Little Bear) play at London’s XOYO on 9th June and at Natural Rhythm Festival on 17th July.

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Goin’ Old School: Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Falco & Billy Ocean

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

One of the best synth riffs in existence, from 1988, Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s ‘Push It’.

Austrian Pop maverick Falco‘s ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ was an unexpected runaway hit in 1985.

In 1984 Mr. Billy Ocean released one of the smoothest songs of all time, ‘Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)’. Performed here on TOTP.

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