[Video] Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘Ha!’

Here’s the video for London based ElectroPop/House act  Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s 909 fuelled new single Ha!.

It’s a hunting, imposing, track with 90s House overtones, and the clip is suitably retro, laden with vintage video effects. 

Ha! features on Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s Shell EP, out now.

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘Shell’ video

Here’s the brand new video for the lead track from London ElectroHousePop outfit Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s new Shell EP.

Chris Parks whips up some stunning visuals to accompany this deep electronica track. Watch fullscreen in HD!

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s Shell EP is out on 1st October

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘WTF Is Love?’

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

Little Bear’s London ElectroPop/House outfit Ursa Minor (Little Bear) are gearing up for the release of their new EP, titled Shell. In advance of this five track release they have let slip the EP’s lead track. WTF Is Love, and one of it’s reMixes. It’s evocative stuff.

It’s a deep, deep track. Accompanied by an ominous Acidic burbling the tracks work both a sparse SynthPop/early House mix and Little Bears ethereal vocal line to their fullest. This track has a nice, atmospheric mix of raw Roland drum sounds with vintage House feel and gritty European SynthPop beauty. It’s not even the best track on the EP either! Ular Gray takes things to a Deep House place with his reMix of the track. Even going so far as to deepen the vocals, giving them a haunting, ringing quality that sits well with Gray’s classic, hypnotic, House groove.

♫ Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – WTF Is Love?

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – WTF Is Love? (Ular Gray reMix)

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s Shell EP is out on 1st October

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Mikill Pane and Little Bear

I almost passed this one over, but I’ve glad I didn’t. this is alternative rapper Mikill Pane with Little Bear of Ursa Minor (Little Bear) with ‘Cut Back FFWD’ and eclectic melting-pot track with a heavy dose of the ‘80’s.

The video is directed by Gaika Tavares, who keeps things simple and VHS choppy.

The track is taken from Mikill Pane’s ‘Morris Dancer’ EP, out now on Invader Music.

Mikill Pane and Little Bear will be  playing together at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Ursa Minor (Little Bear) play at London’s XOYO on 9th June and at Natural Rhythm Festival on 17th July.

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘Only You’ cover


Here’s another new tune from London DancePop collective Ursa Minor (Little Bear).

This time it’s a cover, of an absolute Vince Clarke classic, Yazoo’s ‘Only You’, and frankly, it’s beautiful. With an undercurrent of experimentalism with icy sounds, industrial percussion and pronounced vocal effects the track veers into dreamlike electronic soundscape territory but it’s help in place by Little Bear flawless vocal rendition.

♫ Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – Only You (Yazoo Cover)

‘Droplet Affection’ is released on 5th December via Invader Records.

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s ‘Droplet Affection’ video

Here’s the video for Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s new single, ‘Droplet Affection’, which we dropped for you earlier in the week.

With a nice use of UV highlighting, the video nicely compliments the track, and has lots of droplets.

‘Droplet Affection’ is released on 5th December via Invader Records.

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)’s new single

Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

It’s been a fair few months since we heard anything from London based left-field ElectroPop collective Ursa Minor (Little Bear), but they haven’t been waiting their time as their forthcoming new single proves.

‘Droplet Affection’ is a massive, euphoric Pop tune with more heart and soul than you could ever need. Musically ‘Droplet Affection’ comes across as and, almost Balearic, Summer House track played by a live band, which adds a nice live shuffle to the rhythms and gives the Ibiza style hooks and arpeggios a raw power beyond that of House music. All this creates a swirling, uplifting backing for Little Bear’s heartfelt and passionate vocals to cut thorough and take the track even higher.

♫ Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – Droplet Affection

‘Droplet Affection’ is released on 5th December via Invader Records.

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Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) are a London based outfit consisting of Little Bear, Yoshee, Evee and KTP who set about creating a kind of live, House influenced, synthesizer soundscape.

It’s really hard to pigeonhole Ursa Minor (Little Bear), I can definitely hear a root in the heyday of 90’s House and, more specifically, DancePop but they have taken that basis and moved it to a raw, live place. Like a garage Dance act there is an excitement, and urgency, about the real drumming and analog synth riffs and something almost freeform and jazzy in the musicianship. All this makes for a cosmic and compelling backing for the Post-Punky vocals. This is space age stuff but at the same time really down to Earth and, in a world of machine beats and quantized riffs, really human.

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) – Delight

Check out more from Ursa Minor (Little Bear) on SoundCloud

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