Charli XCX’s The Internet reMix video

This is the new official video for Odd Future’s The Internet reMix of one of the best songs of the year, Charli XCX’s You’re The One. The reMix is nice enough, not a patch on St. Lucia’s but it’s got a nice groove. The rapping, however, by Mike G, is some of the laziest, worst rhyming we’ve ever heard. Shame really, it ruins quite a cool mix.

Directed by Claire Boyd and Rayn Andrew, the video is all a bit three years ago. We’ve seen the whole Goecities/.gif thing done so many times now, admittedly this is probably the best we’ve seen it done, but it’s still done.

The You’re The One EP is out now, the single version is released 19th August.

Buy Charli XCX’s music from:

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