[Audio] Hemingway reMixes Man Without Country’s ‘Catfish’


Man Without Country

Torontonian Cosmic Disco master Hemingway is back with a brand new reMix. Welsh experimentalists Man Without Country are his latest target as he morphs their hazy slice of Indie-DreamPop, Catfish, into a space funk oddessy, loaded with that thick, thick synth bass we’ve come to love from this guy.

With a nice vintage brush, Hemingway paints an epic masterpiece of twisting leads, starlight keys and that in-your-face bass. Sounds swirly around your head as melodies intertwine and curl sound each other. the whole hazy, Sci-Fi Funk works perfectly with the original tunes vocals, making them sound like some distant message from the starts. Hemingway really is one of the best in the business right now.

♫ Man Without Country – Catfish (Hemingway Mix)

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