[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Chew’



Torontonians sure do like their Disco ecclectic and experimental. One of the city’s biggest proponents of funky wizardry is Hemingway, who has just released the track Chew as part of the compilation album Amicus Curiae 2014. I hope you’ve got your intelligent listening hat on, ‘cos this one goes a bit freestyle.

Pairing popping Sci-Fi synths, with jazzy muted trumpet and a shuffling rhythm, Hemingway mixes up resounding Synth Funk with smokey Jazz to retro future effect. Utilising an infectious slo-mo Disco groove to draw you in, Hemmingway slip in an out of backroom freeform and Cosmic madness with relative ease, creating a mood of unexpected delights. The sound pallet alone bears repeated listening.

♫ Hemingway – Chew

Hemingway’s Chew appears on the Amicus Curiae 2014 compilation, out now.

Buy Hemingway’s music from:

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