[MP3] Chromatics cover New Order


Alongside an eclectic new mixtape from Johnny Jewel, Italian’s Do It Better have also just released this cover of Jewel’s Chromatics cover of the classic New Order track, Ceremony. The cover features on the new mixtape alongside the likes of Xeno & Oaklander, Desire and Kraftwerk.

Chromatics’ version of the tune is a slowed down, blissed out dream that gets Hooky’s bass spot-on and features Glass Candy’s Ida No adding a little guitar to the mix. Spacious, but not sparse, the track is a downtempo wave of relaxed sounds and Chromatics vocalist Ruth Radelet’s crooning out Sumner’s lyrics with a hazy tone. Perfect space-out music for dreamers, and a nice cover that remains true to the vibe of the original whist sounding completely unique.

Chromatics (Feat. Ida No) – Ceremony (New Order Cover)

Buy Chromatics’ music from:

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