[Audio] Ghost Beach reMixed by Summer Heart

Ghost Beach

Three days ago we told you the New York DiscoPop duo Ghost Beach would be releasing a track from their forthcoming reMix EP  every week. Three days ago! Three days ago we introduced you to Shook’s reMix of Been There Before. Three days isn’t a week, and here we are with Swedish DreamPopper Summer Heart’s take on Faded. Not that we’re complaining mind. “Bring ‘em on” we say!

To say Summer heart’s version of Faded was a blissful wave of synthetic dreams would be an understatement. Actually. Summer heart mixes up a little Nu-Disco with healthy doses of Chillwave and Dreamwave and moulds the song into a tide of reverb drenched snyths. gritty, undulating synths stand back to back with chirpy Sci-Fi blips and speaker filling strings. Ghost Beach’s original vocal just lend the track another layer of drama. Another great tune form this EP, more to come from Penguin Prison, Gigamesh and Chad Valley.

♫ Ghost Beach – Faded (Summer Heart reMix)

Ghost Beach’s reMix EP is released at the end of March.

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