[Audio] Gigamesh’s ‘Enjoy’


We raved about this track on Twitter the other day, now a bit more of it has hit SoundCloud we can present it right here. Straight up, this is probably our favourite Gigamesh track to date, not least because it samples the hell out of Wham!’s 1982 début single, and ode to being unemployed, Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do). This is a full-on party starter.

Even ignoring the vocal samples, this tunes is loaded with big Italo sounds. The huge synth bassline will suck you straight into the tune. This direction, which seems to be becoming increasingly common amongst producers, of injecting frantic Italo into Nu-Disco (in post Dreamwave world) is one we wholeheartedly support, and the likes of Gigamesh and Punks Jump Up are leading the charge. Enjoy is everything we’d want from a Disco tune. Synth heavy (and we mean heavy), doesn’t take itself to seriously, very moreish. We’re really feeling Gigamesh on this one, the single also holds a reMix from Oliver, we can hardly contain ourselves.

♫ Gigamesh – Enjoy

Gigamesh’s Enjoy is released 12th Feb as a Beatport exclusive, and 26th March elsewhere on Nurvous Records.

Buy Gigamesh’s music from:

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