Future Feelings’ ‘Odyssey’ EP

Future Feelings

Future Feelings is a Mexican producer who is mixing up a bit of vintage synthesizer Funk into his Nu-Disco sounds. He’s just released his ‘Odyssey’ EP and it seems like a must buy for anyone into analog Disco, Electro Boogie or Cosmic SynthWave sounds.

The ‘Odyssey’ EP is four tracks of space age future Funk. Future Feelings likes to mix things up in the studio, rocking classic synths from Moog, Roland and Oberheim into Ableton so his tracks retain a pure nostalgia and a warmness to their robotic grooves. ‘Drive’ is the standout on the EP, a wicked upbeat Nu-Disco track that combined late ‘70’s Disco with and Italo influence and some sweet B-Boy beats and vocoder. It’s got everything you need. The whole EP is a masterwork of analog Disco, with the  deep funkin’ Moog basses and squelchy synths of early New York Disco meeting more driving European dance flavours and resulting in an exciting, retro, journey though neon and glitterball lit dancefloors. It also contains some of the bas bass playing and Herbie Hancock keys you’ll hear this side of Shook.  The whole thing is wrapped up in a kinda’ SynthWave sheen, but is generally far groovier than SynthWave. Basically is like an attack of Disco robots from the future in about 1983. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Future Feelings – Drive

♫ Future Feelings – Odyssey

♫ Future Feelings – Wicked

Future Feelings’ ‘Odyssey’ EP is out this week.

Buy Future Feelings’ music from:

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