[Audio] Ilya Santana’s ‘Big Foot’ reMixed by Future Feelings



Mediterranean Cosmic Disco master Ilya Santana has released on most of the top Disco labels at one time or another, and now the Spaniard is preparing to unleash his latest single via London’s Retrospective Recordings. It’s called Big Foot, which immediately makes us think of those shaped ice creams, which, we guess, adds to the laid back summery groove in some way. Right here we are premièring our friends, Mexican Nu-Disco outfit Future Feelings, take on the tune. Deep and synthy stuff to follow.

Future Feelings take the very organic Disco sounding original and inject it with a healthy dose of robo-boogie. The Cosmic vibe is still in place, but in this more synthetic environment takes on a Jarre-like quality as it rides over an undulating electronic groove. The bass hammers home while the leads fly. Analog Disco at it’s best, this reMix is a galactic journey through a 70s lens. Buck Rogers would have loved this one!””

♫ Ilya Santana – Big Foot (Future Feelings reMix)

Ilya Santana’s Big Foot is released (that just sounds weird) on 12” and digital 29th September.

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Ilya Santana

Ilya Santana

We’ve got some serious bass heavy cosmic Disco here in the form of French label La Belle’s latest release. Ilya Santana’s ‘Infamous Lovers’.

A true intergalactic journey, Ilya’s single is a synthesizer workout to please even the most jaded knob twiddler. The playful electronics ride over a solid backing of deep Disco bass and proggy guitar resulting in a 70’s Sci-Fi Disco epic that could easily ride alongside a space montage in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. The mixture of a Disco groove and Jarre or Vangelis-esque synths is quite intoxicating.

Ilya Santana – Infamous Lovers

‘Infamous Lovers’ is released 12th September with reMixes from Kasper Bjørke and Telonius.

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