[Video] Flight Facilities’ ‘Down To Earth’


Flight Facilities   Down To Earth   YouTube

The title track from Australian DiscoPop duo Flight Facilities’ amazingly infectious album Down To Earth has got itself a brand new video. Check it out below.

The clip was directed by Rhett Wade and features Sam Rockwell getting his groove on to out-Weapon Of Choice Christopher Walken.

Flight Facilities’ Down To Earth is out now.

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[Video] Flight Facilities’ ‘Two Bodies’


Flight Facilities   Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise  Official Video    YouTube

Aussie Disco/House masters Flight Facilities recently announced the release of their forthcoming début full length record. Titled Down To Earth, the album is set for release next month; ahead of which they have released this epic deep groover of a single, Two Bodies. Featuring the vocal talents of Emma Louise, the track is a warm and mellow vocal House burner, check out the new video.

The clip was directed by Lorin Askill, and kinda’ does what it says on the tin. As minimal as it comes.

Flight Facilities’ Down To Earth is released 254th October.

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[Audio] Com Truise reMixes Flight Facilities’ ‘Stand Still’



A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the new single from Australian Indie-Disco aviators Flight Facilities. The Micky Green featuring Stand Still made quite a few waves online, but our attention was focused on the fact that at the same time a Com Truise reMix was announced. This kind of thing is exciting to us. Well, here it is, in all it’s enigmatic synth glory.

The Indie-Electro leading original is completely contrasted by this reMix. Com get’s his dark and moody SynthWave on here, which, weirdly (considering the original) works amazingly well with the vocals. The Truise take on the track is driven by a gruelling Synth bassline set amongst atmospheric and evocative layers of electronic sound. It’s the usual, amazing, Dark Future soundtrack vibes from Truise. And a track with proves a little injection of sweet female vocals into that equation does no harm whatsoever. This is one of those tunes that demands repeated listenings.

♫ Flight Facilities (Feat. Micky Green) – Stand Still (Com Truise reMix)

Flight Facilities Stand Still is out now.

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[Audio] Flight Facilities And Micky Green’s ‘Stand Still’


Flight Facilities

Eh-up, here’s the new one from Australian Indie-Disco aviators Flight Facilities. Flight Facilities are whatever the opposite of prolific is, and we always tend to forget about them when they haven’t just released something, but the scarceness means a new single from these guys is always something to be savoured. So let’s savour away.

Stand Still features Parisian-based-Australian singer Micky Green, and those of you expecting some dude named Michael will be disappointed, Micky is a lady, and a lady you may remember from her single In Between from earlier this year. Trudging ever deeper into the waters of cue Electro-Indie, Flight Facilities deliver an astoundingly infectious slice of vintage synthed IndiePop right here. Nary a Disco lick in sight. Green sound pitch perfect, with her sweet, introverted vocals meshing with the tracks sparse keys and rumbling, bouncy bassline. There’s a whistling hook to, ‘cos we’re only bugging.

♫ Flight Facilities (Feat. Micky Green) – Stand Still

Flight Facilities Stand Still is released 25th November with the full reMix EP coming 9th December with work from Com Truise, Wave Racer and Mario Basanov.

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[Audio] Flight Facilities & Elizabeth Rose


Flight Facilities

Australian Nu-Disco veterans Flight Facilities have dropped their second new track in the past twelve months. This time it’s a laid back stormer titled I Didn’t Believe featuring one of our favourite singers, fellow Australian Elizabeth Rose. Prepare for some slick Disco vibes.

I Didn’t Believe has been a work-in-progress since 2010, being the first track they wrote after the awesome Crave You, but it took Rose’s vocals to set the icing on the cake. Five minutes of playful Funk with a summery outlook. Deep and soulful rather than big and bombastic, I Didn’t Believe is a perfect chilling in the sun soundtrack driven by an undulating bassline and Rose’s breathy voice. The chorus is pure classic sounding Disco, uplifting and joyful. Sit back and relax.

♫ Flight Facilities (Feat. Elizabeth Rose) – I Didn’t Believe (Extended Version)

Flight Facilities’ I Didn’t Believe is released 8th May with reMixes from Tiger & Woods, Lou Teti and Light Year.

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[Video] Flight Facilities’ ‘Clair De Lune’

Flight Facilities’ excellent, and surprising, return this month, the Christine Hoberg featuring Clair De Lune, had it’s video premièred this week.

Dave Ma directs this clip, which is a beautiful narrative shot in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Clair De Lune is out now.

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Flight Facilities’ ‘Clair De Lune’


Aussie DiscoPop duo Flight Facilities really do take their time over their releases, and this is a good thing. Unlike many of their contemporaries who are happy to drop release after release, these guys put stuff out when they are good and ready, when things are perfect for them. So here’s their new single, Clair De Lune, featuring Brooklyn based singer Christine Hoberg on vocals, and you can tell they certainly took their time on it.

A departure from their usual vintage sampling Disco, Clair De Lune is a rich slice of Folktronica. A beautiful soundscape that clocks in at just under eight minutes. The track balances an ominous, enigmatic backing, thick with pulsating synths with playful acoustic guitar and Christine Hoberg’s introspective vocal. Not exactly what you were expecting from Flight Facilities? Maybe not, but definitely a direction we;’d like to see them exploring more.

♫  Flight Facilities (Feat. Christine Hoberg) – Clair De Lune

Clair De Lune is out now in Australia & new Zeland, 13th November for the rest of us.

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Flight Facilities reMix Miike Snow

Miike Snow

We’re not quite as Flight Facilities mad as the rest of the world seems to be, we like them a lot but feel they tend to be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit the really do hit. and this track hits. Which is all the more odd to find out that this reMix for Miike Snow’s last single, The Wave, was finished back in May and FF never heard back about it, to this day they don’t know if they missed the deadline, or it was rejected, or what?

If it was rejected then Miike Snow’s label are idiots, this is a stunning peice of deep Disco. Everything about it is so understated, which makes the whole more impressive. Driven by a deep deep bassline and subtly piano (no crashing 90’s House riffs here), the reMix keeps the original song intact, but draws it to a laid back place of steady groove. The music is just the right side of bombastic to highlight in seriousness of the lyrics, but keeping things funky as hell.

Miike Snow – The Wave (Flight Facilities Mix)

Miike Snow’s The Wave EP is out now.

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Flight Facilities’s ‘With You’

Flight Facilities’ new single ‘With You’ is a slamming Disco jam that features Mr. Grovesnor from Hot Chip who has briefly put down the sticks and picked up the mic for this team-up. It’s a summery, laid back tune that I actually prefer to ‘Crave You’ (controversial!). The Tropical Funk is strong with this one, as is the French flavour.

Benjamin Drake directs this superb animated video with is a bit of a MegaMan/Speed Racer/Akira/Astroboy/Bubblegum Crisis mashup. Very cool.

‘With You’ is out now.

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Flight Facilities’ ‘Foreign Language’ video

Flight Facilities’ groove laden hit of this year has finally got itself a video!

Directed by Dimitri Basil, it’s a pure ‘70’s nostalgia fest!

‘Foreign Language’  is out now

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