[Audio] Flight Facilities And Micky Green’s ‘Stand Still’


Flight Facilities

Eh-up, here’s the new one from Australian Indie-Disco aviators Flight Facilities. Flight Facilities are whatever the opposite of prolific is, and we always tend to forget about them when they haven’t just released something, but the scarceness means a new single from these guys is always something to be savoured. So let’s savour away.

Stand Still features Parisian-based-Australian singer Micky Green, and those of you expecting some dude named Michael will be disappointed, Micky is a lady, and a lady you may remember from her single In Between from earlier this year. Trudging ever deeper into the waters of cue Electro-Indie, Flight Facilities deliver an astoundingly infectious slice of vintage synthed IndiePop right here. Nary a Disco lick in sight. Green sound pitch perfect, with her sweet, introverted vocals meshing with the tracks sparse keys and rumbling, bouncy bassline. There’s a whistling hook to, ‘cos we’re only bugging.

♫ Flight Facilities (Feat. Micky Green) – Stand Still

Flight Facilities Stand Still is released 25th November with the full reMix EP coming 9th December with work from Com Truise, Wave Racer and Mario Basanov.

Buy Flight Facilities’ music from:

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