[Video] Flight Facilities’ ‘Clair De Lune’

Flight Facilities’ excellent, and surprising, return this month, the Christine Hoberg featuring Clair De Lune, had it’s video premièred this week.

Dave Ma directs this clip, which is a beautiful narrative shot in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Clair De Lune is out now.

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Flight Facilities’ ‘Clair De Lune’


Aussie DiscoPop duo Flight Facilities really do take their time over their releases, and this is a good thing. Unlike many of their contemporaries who are happy to drop release after release, these guys put stuff out when they are good and ready, when things are perfect for them. So here’s their new single, Clair De Lune, featuring Brooklyn based singer Christine Hoberg on vocals, and you can tell they certainly took their time on it.

A departure from their usual vintage sampling Disco, Clair De Lune is a rich slice of Folktronica. A beautiful soundscape that clocks in at just under eight minutes. The track balances an ominous, enigmatic backing, thick with pulsating synths with playful acoustic guitar and Christine Hoberg’s introspective vocal. Not exactly what you were expecting from Flight Facilities? Maybe not, but definitely a direction we;’d like to see them exploring more.

♫  Flight Facilities (Feat. Christine Hoberg) – Clair De Lune

Clair De Lune is out now in Australia & new Zeland, 13th November for the rest of us.

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