Flight Facilities reMix Miike Snow

Miike Snow

We’re not quite as Flight Facilities mad as the rest of the world seems to be, we like them a lot but feel they tend to be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit the really do hit. and this track hits. Which is all the more odd to find out that this reMix for Miike Snow’s last single, The Wave, was finished back in May and FF never heard back about it, to this day they don’t know if they missed the deadline, or it was rejected, or what?

If it was rejected then Miike Snow’s label are idiots, this is a stunning peice of deep Disco. Everything about it is so understated, which makes the whole more impressive. Driven by a deep deep bassline and subtly piano (no crashing 90’s House riffs here), the reMix keeps the original song intact, but draws it to a laid back place of steady groove. The music is just the right side of bombastic to highlight in seriousness of the lyrics, but keeping things funky as hell.

Miike Snow – The Wave (Flight Facilities Mix)

Miike Snow’s The Wave EP is out now.

Buy Miike Snow’s music from:


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