Flemming Dalum’s ‘Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s’ mix


Flemming Dalum – Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s = The world’s foremost authority on all things Italo, Mr. Dalum delves into his collection once more for this new hour of awesome Italo, old and new.

Flemming Dalum – Immortal Flight Of The ‘80’s

The tracklist:

01. Kid Machine – Night Freaks
02. Electric Shock– This Is The Beat
03. Kid Machine – Cold Planet
04. VIdeo Liszt – Ektakröm Killer
05. Casionova – Xenon Fantasy
06. Savage – Only You (New reMix)
07. Teknokrats – Basement Ouverture
08. Kid Machine – Return To Space
09. VIdeo Liszt – The Tube
10. RADAR – Una Splendida Emicrania
11. VIdeo Liszt – Photoflex
12. Casionova – 4M Operator
13. East River – We Need Protection
14. Fred Ventura – When I Let You Down (K&C Edit)
15. Mark Turner & Lorens Goodman – Live Your Life
16. De-De-Mo – Cause I Need You I Love You)
17. Tom Hagen – Atomic
18. Nemesy – You Can You Can
19. Savino – Lena’s Run (CR Edit)
20. Suzie And The Cubans– I Feel It
21. Mario Moretti – Safety Station
22. Üdytü Ützel Trúk And His Male Harem – Kairo
23. Firefly – Kiss Power
24. Daniela Alverman – Who Does? (Disco In 1982)
25. Salta & Dalum – Theme From Immortal Flight
26. Black Magic Disco– Axel Def
27. D.Carred – You’ll Be A Winner (Lectric Dub)
28. Boney Style– Sará Bello (Marcello Edit)
29. Infinity Night– Sequenzer Dream

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