[MP3] Fear Of Tigers’ Twisted Biscuit’


Fear Of Tigers

Here’s the latest incoming dancefloor bomb from Mr. Fear Of Tigers and we can exclusively reveal it right here. Still in it’s demo infancy, Twisted Biscuit is already an absolute big room beast, loaded with floorfilling highs. Mr. Tigers is still working on Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout (the follow up to 2009’s incredible Cossus Snufsigalonica), an album that is so eagerly awaited round these parts it’s just not funny, although his precious time has also recently been filled producing the likes of this.

So out next taste of things-to-come comes in the form of Twisted Biscuit, a high octane, euphoric, tune so huge you need to back off the speakers to give it some room. It’s got that classic Fear Of Tigers emotional rush, and retro chord progressions, but with a massive contemporary sound. Loaded with horns too! This one’s got it all, can’t wait for the album.

Fear Of Tigers – Twisted Biscuit

Fear Of Tigers’ second album is due out soon.

Buy Fear Of Tigers’ music from:

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