Fear Of Tigers’ new track


Finally! After dropping one or two amazing demos and previews from his forthcoming new album, Fear Of Tigers has dropped out first taste of a proper new track. It seems like we’ve been hanging on forever for some new originals from FoT, the new album can’t come soon enough.

The new track, ‘Soliloquy’, is surprisingly Nu-Disco for a Fear Of Tiger’s track, especially the first half of the track, which takes in some cut-up big room techniques for a pumping sound, but none of this can disguise that sweet Fear Of Tigers sound. Those FoT emotional moments we all look forward too are still present and correct. The retro drum fills, and big nostalgic synths still dominate his work, and that’s the way we like it, there’s even the inclusion of some slick horns (and Sax makes everything better!) but the new injection of stuttering Funk is an interesting development. Not 100% sure of the relevance of the samples, but that doesn’t really matter. Even more eager for the new album now!

Fear Of Tigers – Soliloquy

Fear Of Tigers long awaited second album ‘Hypnerotomachia Poliphiliout’ is due out in June.

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