[Download] Fear Of Tigers’ ‘I Am Dog’



This week Fear Of Tigers launches his new website with some lovely new music for us. Who knows what occurring with Mr. Tigers long awaited sophomore album? But the man isn’t leaving us in the lurch while we wait with this steady drip of massive tunes. The curiously titled (although, Mr. Tigers have always been one for esoterically names tracks) I Am Dog is his latest.

Right from the opening bard of I Am Dog, with is shimmering, retro synths and hammerfall drums, you know your in for a frantic, big room, ride; and post drum fill, when the track kicks in, all your expectations are met. Ringing leads, shifting beats and an amped up 80s bassline power the tune along at high-octane speeds. the soulful vocal snatches and dreamy sax serve to temper the nervous energy of the track, smoothing everything out into an intricate dancefloor monster.

Fear Of Tigers – I Am Dog

Fear Of Tigers’ Kaohsiung Christmas single is out now.

Buy Fear Of Tigers’ music from:

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