Dragonette’s new single


Canada’s finest power ElectroPop export Dragonette have just dropped their latest single, the follow up to April’s ‘Let it Go’. It’s just the kind of slinky electronic Pop that made our attention turn to Dragonette in the first place.

‘Rocket Ship’ is in-your-face Pop music, but we’d expect no less from these guys. Anthemic and quirky in equal doses is what Dragonette does best. Bouncy and fun verses slide effortlessly into big rocky choruses without either blinking an eye or asking permission. As with most Dragonette tracks it’s probably best not to worry about it too much and just let the track carry you in whatever direction it wants to. Dragonette are ready to become global overlords, just go with it. With densely layered, juggernaut Pop tracks like this, it’s best not to argue.

Dragonette – Rocket Ship

Dragonette’s new album, ‘Bodyparts’ will be released this September.

Buy Dragonette’s music from:

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