Betamaxx new tune


Here’s a new one from Pittsburgh SynthWaver Betamaxx. It’s been a few months since we last featured Nick Morey’s 80s sounds, but this new track has a sweet vocal from Dana Jean Phoenix, which definitely got out attention.

The Sure Thing is a little rough around the edges, but that seems to be part of it’s charm. It’s a warm, nostalgic slice of retro Pop. We knew Betamaxx was highly skilled in the production of vintage sounding synth music, and this track is full of bright chords and arpeggiated basslines dong the job, but Dana Jean’s vocals are also amazingly 80s sounding. Both in performance and arrangement, the vocal line of The Sure Thing exudes a authentically mid-80s cool. Hopefully Betamaxx will get round to a new EP sometimes soon.

Betamaxx (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – The Sure Thing

Check out more from Betamaxx on SoundCloud.

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