[Audio] Sunglasses Kid & Dana Jean Phoenix


Dana Jean Phoenix

London based SynthWaver Sunglasses Kid has once again teamed-up with Canadian songstress Dana Jean Phoenix to deliver another wonderful slice of retro Pop. Having previously caught our attention with their tune 1980s Summer Breakup their next record, You’re Not Alone, cements this partnership’s reputation for classic sounding ElectroPop goodness.

What we’ve got here is five minutes of proper, optimistic, uplifting, 80s Pop. You’re Not Alone is a neon soaked symphony of sparking synths and brisk beats. The track’s got an airy quality to it, both the music and vocals are light and forgiving, and you can’t help but be in a good mood after giving You’re not Alone a listen. Dana Jean Phoenix’s truly authentic 80s Power Pop vocal style doesn’t hurt either as she charges her way through an anthem of self-belief.. Worthy of the best 80’s teen movie soundtracks, Sunglasses Kid & Dana Jean Phoenix have knocked out another corking tune.

♫ Sunglasses Kid (Feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) – You’re Not Alone

Sunglasses Kid’s You’re Not Alone is out now.

Buy Sunglasses Kid’s music from:

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