[Audio] Curxes’ ‘What You Want’



The time is almost upon us for the long awaited release of the début long player from our favourite Brightonian/Portsmouthoinian(?) noiseniks Curxes. Their glorious music lies at the nexus point between ElectroPop, Industrial, Post-Punk and Dance music. Their songs symphonies that manage to be at once abrasive and catchy, unsettling and dancefloor friendly. They have also expanded from a duo to a trio with the inclusion of drummer Camille joining Roberta and Macaulay. Their album, titled Verxes, is out this week, and you can check out the track What You Want right now.

Kicking off with hammerfall machine beats, What You Want soon warms you up with Teutonic synth bass and distorted kicks underpinning a beautiful cacophony of rich pads and an unexpectedly euphoric dancefloor friendly hook. Roberta belts out a truly rapturous performance, bring both the post-punk growl and the epic screaming into play. As our latest taste of the album What You Want bodes particularly well. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

♫ Curxes – What You Want (Edit)

Curxes’ Verxes is out today.

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[Audio] Curxes’ ‘Valkyrie’



Released next month is the new single from Portsmouth’s Curxes. The UK’s finest AvantPop duo are building on the breakthrough success of their addictive single of last year, Avant Guarded, with a glorious three minutes of aural chaos in  the form of Valkyrie.

How Curxes manage to deliver tracks that are simultaneously ear splitting Industrial assaults, and at the same time deeply funky, we’ll never understand; but they do once more with Valkyrie. Amidst the clattering percussion, rapid fire drums and growling keys lies a strange and beautiful nostalgic groove. The chorus, with it’s waves of Vangelis synths, is a particularly compelling moment of dystopian euphoria. Lovely stuff!

♫ Curxes – Valkyrie

Curxes’ Valkyrie is released 18th August.

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[Video] Curxes’ ‘Avant-Guarded’


Curxes   Avant Guarded  Animated Music Video    YouTube

Last week Brighton/Portsmouth Industro-SynthPop duo Curxes’ released their mesmerising new single Avant-Guarded. This week comes the video

The video was directed by Rob Luckins with animation from Curxes own Roberta Fidora, and gives us a look into the lives, and the minds of the Budgies. You might want to prepare your selves for that.

Curxes’ Avant-Guarded is out now.

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[Audio] Curxes’ ‘Avant-Guarded’



We’ve been kept mightily amused by the Budgies over the last couple of months. That being the mundane adventures of a couple of giant budgie headed Curxes types. Have a gander at their Instagram account if you have no idea what we’re talking about. To soundtrack this searing insight into the parakeet world, the Brighton/Portsmouth Electro-Industro-Pop duo have released a new single, Avant-Guarded.

In contrast to their last single, the haunting Further Still, Avant-Guarded relentless noise assault. But unlike many forays into the realms of the experimental, Curxes manage to combine a left-field musicality with some surprisingly catchy ElectroPop. Post-punk in places, vocally, and musically a bit R&B at times, Avant-Guarded is a strange beast. Although with a title like that it;s probably to be expected. There’s an amazing sonic pallet being worked with here, new synth sounds and rhythms to keep you interested on repeated listens. What Curxes have done here, is take the far to often po-faced and taking-itself-seriously world of experimental electronics and made it fun. Quite the achievement.

♫ Curxes – Avant-Guarded

Curxes’ Avant-Guarded is out now.

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[Video] Curxes’ ‘Further Still’


Curxes   Further Still   YouTube

Here’s the video for Brighton ElectroPop duo Curxes’ haunting Further Still. Possibly the bands most beautiful track to date.

The clip was put together by Rob Luckins & Jake Hawkins aka The Red Red and poses the question; who wouldn’t want a stuffed Curxes in their living room? We think we would.

Curxes’ Further Still is out now, for free, with the reMixes incoming.

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[Audio] Chvrches Vs. Curxes



Yes, we’re sure there are jokes to be made about how no one involved in this article (us included actually) can spell, but we’re going to skip that and get straight to the music. Brighton ElectroPop duo Curxes are having an awesome week it seems, not only did they release their new single yesterday, but Monday also saw the eagerly awaited release of Glaswegian SynthPop heroes Chvrches’ Recover, which features a Curxes reMix to boot.

Huge, that’s one way to describe Curxes reMix of Recover. Cavernous. The track is like a cathedral of electronic excellence. Machine gun snyths and one of the most unexpectedly funky Industrial beats we’ve heard in a while threaten to drown Lauren’s vocals, but a perfect balance is struck. The track actually got a lot on common with old New Beat tunes and the second wave of EBM, but with much more of an understanding of what makes infectious Pop. Curxes have taken a completely different route with this song that the original, and very much made it their own.

♫ Chvrches – Recover (Curxes’ 1996 reMix)

Chvrches’ Recover is out now.

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[MP3] Curxes’ ‘Further Still’



Brighton ElectroPop duo Curxes are spreading their wings even further with their new single, Further Still. Delivering something a little more ethereal this time, an antithesis to their last releases, the relentless Industrial pounding of Haunted Gold and the Post-Punk anthem Spectre. Further Still is a track that demands repeated listening, it’s a track to soak up.

Driven by Roberta’s haunting vocal, Further Still is a slow builder. Taking it’s time to make sure you have fully absorbed each passage before giving you something new. I can’t help but be reminded of Tori Amos in parts of Further Still (good Tori Amos that is, not I-can’t-be-bothered-anymore Tori Amos, when she still wrote interesting, challenging songs), Roberta doesn’t sound like her, but there is a certain inflection in her voice that takes a similar tone. Add to this some majestic, dramatic electronic music, juxtapositioning dreamlike chimes with grinding machine bass and you’ve got a tune that feels like being taken on a journey. The single is out now, with reMixes to follow, including one from the awesome Avec Sans.

Curxes – Further Still

Curxes’ Further Still is out now, for free, with the reMixes incoming.

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Curxes new track

Hello, did someone order a heavyweight slab of ElectroPop with a side order of rapid fire Industrial percussion? Curxes will be over shortly with your order.

Curxes latest offering , ‘Haunted Gold’, is like a big ol’ slab of Post-Punk without all that tedious mucking around with guitars. Kicking off with a true Einstürzende Neubauten style riff on the bass washing machine, the track is dominated by a jump-up beat, if jump-up beats were made by tank drivers, and Roberta’s finest Siouxsie intensity. Industrial, real Industrial, is quite a feat, production wise, but Curxes have pretty much nailed it with ‘Haunted Gold’ and produced an vivid and haunting track that is only sweetened but some awesome little synth riffs and a really nice ‘80’s drop.

♫ Curxes – Haunted Gold

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Strangers’ ‘Promises’ video (& Curxes reMix)

We featured Strangers new EP a couple of weeks ago, now we can update with some visuals in the form of the new video for the EP’s lead track, ‘Promises’.

It’s just the kind of stylish I would expect from these guys.

Another act we featured this month is Curxes, who add their industrial influenced moody ElectroPop flavour to the track in their reMix.

Strangers (Feat. Lara Smiles)  – Promises (Curxes reMix)

Strangers’ ‘EP’3’ is out 28th November.

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Brighton based duo Curxes are bringing a little ‘Construction Time Again’ Depeche Mode back to SynthPop.

This twosome’s music may, at first glance, seem to be lurking with the dark Pop side of things, the  occasional wall of sound and melancholy give you that impression, but on further listening there is actually more uplifting about their sound than not. Roberta’s powerful post-punk vocals are easily strong enough to carry songs soaring, not that the songs need to be carried, musically a combination of Depeche Mode’s early industrial experimentations, Japan’s enveloping bass, and just occasionally, Pet Shop Boys early flirtations with Disco. With both a dark grin and the purest of Pop sensibilities, Curxes’ songs are immediately involving, drawing you in on the first listen and offering more with repeated plays.

♫ Curxes – The Constructor

♫ Curxes – Creatures

♫ Curxes – Once Upon A Time

Curxes are hitting Club Fandango @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London on 30th Nov. Definitely worth is if you’re in the area.

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