[Audio] Curxes’ ‘Avant-Guarded’



We’ve been kept mightily amused by the Budgies over the last couple of months. That being the mundane adventures of a couple of giant budgie headed Curxes types. Have a gander at their Instagram account if you have no idea what we’re talking about. To soundtrack this searing insight into the parakeet world, the Brighton/Portsmouth Electro-Industro-Pop duo have released a new single, Avant-Guarded.

In contrast to their last single, the haunting Further Still, Avant-Guarded relentless noise assault. But unlike many forays into the realms of the experimental, Curxes manage to combine a left-field musicality with some surprisingly catchy ElectroPop. Post-punk in places, vocally, and musically a bit R&B at times, Avant-Guarded is a strange beast. Although with a title like that it;s probably to be expected. There’s an amazing sonic pallet being worked with here, new synth sounds and rhythms to keep you interested on repeated listens. What Curxes have done here, is take the far to often po-faced and taking-itself-seriously world of experimental electronics and made it fun. Quite the achievement.

♫ Curxes – Avant-Guarded

Curxes’ Avant-Guarded is out now.

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