Curxes new track

Hello, did someone order a heavyweight slab of ElectroPop with a side order of rapid fire Industrial percussion? Curxes will be over shortly with your order.

Curxes latest offering , ‘Haunted Gold’, is like a big ol’ slab of Post-Punk without all that tedious mucking around with guitars. Kicking off with a true Einstürzende Neubauten style riff on the bass washing machine, the track is dominated by a jump-up beat, if jump-up beats were made by tank drivers, and Roberta’s finest Siouxsie intensity. Industrial, real Industrial, is quite a feat, production wise, but Curxes have pretty much nailed it with ‘Haunted Gold’ and produced an vivid and haunting track that is only sweetened but some awesome little synth riffs and a really nice ‘80’s drop.

♫ Curxes – Haunted Gold

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