[Audio] Chvrches Vs. Curxes



Yes, we’re sure there are jokes to be made about how no one involved in this article (us included actually) can spell, but we’re going to skip that and get straight to the music. Brighton ElectroPop duo Curxes are having an awesome week it seems, not only did they release their new single yesterday, but Monday also saw the eagerly awaited release of Glaswegian SynthPop heroes Chvrches’ Recover, which features a Curxes reMix to boot.

Huge, that’s one way to describe Curxes reMix of Recover. Cavernous. The track is like a cathedral of electronic excellence. Machine gun snyths and one of the most unexpectedly funky Industrial beats we’ve heard in a while threaten to drown Lauren’s vocals, but a perfect balance is struck. The track actually got a lot on common with old New Beat tunes and the second wave of EBM, but with much more of an understanding of what makes infectious Pop. Curxes have taken a completely different route with this song that the original, and very much made it their own.

♫ Chvrches – Recover (Curxes’ 1996 reMix)

Chvrches’ Recover is out now.

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