Brighton based duo Curxes are bringing a little ‘Construction Time Again’ Depeche Mode back to SynthPop.

This twosome’s music may, at first glance, seem to be lurking with the dark Pop side of things, the  occasional wall of sound and melancholy give you that impression, but on further listening there is actually more uplifting about their sound than not. Roberta’s powerful post-punk vocals are easily strong enough to carry songs soaring, not that the songs need to be carried, musically a combination of Depeche Mode’s early industrial experimentations, Japan’s enveloping bass, and just occasionally, Pet Shop Boys early flirtations with Disco. With both a dark grin and the purest of Pop sensibilities, Curxes’ songs are immediately involving, drawing you in on the first listen and offering more with repeated plays.

♫ Curxes – The Constructor

♫ Curxes – Creatures

♫ Curxes – Once Upon A Time

Curxes are hitting Club Fandango @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London on 30th Nov. Definitely worth is if you’re in the area.

Buy Curxes’ music from:


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