[Audio] Computer Magic’s ‘Davos’ album


Computer Magic

So here’s an album that we’ve been meaning to write about for a while now. Coming up to X-mas we’ve had less time to devote to writing but we have been determined to post a little noise about this record before the end of the year; so here we are.

Brooklyn based Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson has been firmly on our radar since around 2010 with a host of self released EPs. We were immediately taken with her introspective DIY take on SynthPop, kinda’ filling the hole in our hearts left by a lack of Ladytron. Loaded with vintage synths and simple, yet blissfully effective hooks the music felt raw and heartfelt, and when paired with Danz’s reflective vocals and Sci-Fi tinged lyrics the combination is easy to get lost in.

Following the self released EPs Computer Magic came a handful of EPs on the likes of Kitsuné Music and White Iris and three full length albums in Japan that compiled tracks from various sources. Davos, however, is Computer Magic’s first proper full-length studio album; and one we had been looking forward to for a long long time. It does not disappoint.

Computer Magic’s work on Davos transcends SynthPop or ElectroPop, or even Indie-Electro. Whilst the instrumentation is that of a Lo-Fi SynthPop album, the arrangement, songwriting and the actual mood of some of these songs spans numerous genres. We’re hearing synth based Shoegaze, synth based Punk, synth based Indie as Danz throws the rulebook out of the window on this ambitious twelve track record.

Davos exemplifies this with it’s opening salvo. Fuzz, if synths were swapped for guitars, could quite easily be an underground British Indie hit. That kind of songwriting, but chock full of analog synths rather than dirty guitars make Computer Magic something special. Fuzz is a sweet and playful track that contrasts a distorted riff with Danny’s sweet vocals and is about as anthemic as Computer Magic gets. That Ladytron (well, early Ladytron) comparison comes to light on When You See Me which plays with a similar live, garage ElectroPop feel that Ladytron’s first recordings had. Slightly haunting and otherworldly without being alienating Computer Magic, in just two tracks, can completely suck you into her futuristic, yet intimately personal, world. Secret, again, is written like a 90s Indie smash. With it’s subby verses Danny weaves a mysterious atmosphere before reeling you in with a chorus of subtle Pop brilliance.

Sorry if we keep saying that there are catchy Indie tunes made with synths, but Be Fair, c’mon, it’s a catchy Indie smash made with synths; complete with “do do dos”. Give Me Just A Minute brings out Computer Magic’s more robotic side with it’s Kraftwerkian rhythms and Casiotone-esque leads leading to spacious Numaniod pads. The vintage electronic notes continue with the Tangerine Dream keys on Hudson (probably the album’s closest track to traditional Indie).

The second half of Davos is led by the RoboPop of Save Your Life, a track which harkens back to those quirky Indie-SynthPop bands coming out of America in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This kind of slightly Folky, quaint bands like Venus Hum, with Danny’s own galactic twist.

Then comes All Day, one of our favourite tracks on that album and something of a departure from it’s fellows. Playing with 80s Pop, and a hint of Snyth Funk, Danz turns in the albums grooviest tune. All Day is a buoyant and rich slice of exhilarating ElectroPop that you could easily slip into a best of the 80s compilation. The use of digital bass really makes the tune stand out on Davos.

Bionic Man is also an album highlight. A space age epic rocking the kind of live drums, piercing synths and anthemic vocoding that make up the finest Progressive SynthPop. The rest of the album brings the mood back to that of Danny’s imitate beginnings. Chances is a chirpy and stripped back track full of synthetic optimism while Zuma feels like the emotional outro for Davos. A hazy ballad that, in keeping with the Davos’ second half, has a slightly proggy feel. Spaces, fittingly for a Computer Magic album, closes the record. An six minute opus that sends off Danielle’s science fiction soundtrack in true cosmic style.

If you’re looking for something a little unique, and love synths, Sci-Fi and things of quite brilliance then Computer Magic’s début album, Davos, comes recommended.

♫ Computer Magic – All Day

♫ Computer Magic – Fuzz

♫ Computer Magic – Bionic Man

♫ Computer Magic – Secret

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)’ & ‘Shipwrecking’


Computer Magic

As you’ve probably heard, seen the Instagram photos, felt a tiny bit jealous about, the east coast of the US has been hit with an awesome blizzard in recent days. Being this snowed in can be a godsend for musicians who get forced to be shut in and writing songs. Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic, Brooklyn’s queen of synth DreamPop too the opportunity to produce a brand new tune; Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By). The track is not one appearing on Computer Magic’s forthcoming LP, so she’s giving it away for free. Yay!

Bits of Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) certainly capture a wintery mood, but the whole track rolls along on a warm funk; delivered by raw drum samples and rounded synth bass. This meeting of icy and comforting really does capture the mood of being snowed in. Danz’s dainty vocal drifts in and out of the track, with a Chillwave, reverby edge, swapping prominence with buzzing electronics. Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) has us well looking forward to the album.

Update: Since we wrote this (‘cos we tend to write at the weekend) Danze has unleashed another new track on her SoundCloud page. Shipwrecking is a effervescent exercise in garage SynthPop. Sounding like early an 90s Shoegaze tune recreated with vintage synths. Organic and fresh, Shipwrecking is the most fun you can have with synths and a voice and a healthy dose of Indie nostalgia.

Computer Magic – Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)

Computer Magic – Shipwrecking

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Mindstate’


Computer Magic

Brooklyn’s resident synthesizer dreamer, Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic has just released a new tune for all your ears to wrap themselves around (metaphorically, not physically, ‘cos that would be gross) and get caught up in her nebulous electronics. If you had a lazy chilled Sunday, as we did, and you want to carry that into your week, let Computer Magic help you out with Mindstate.

Computer Magic almost skips, carefree ,into the realm on Chillwave on this new one. Ever the queen of analog dreamscapes and lo-fi ElectroPop excellence, Danz gets all reverb washed with Mindstate. Building layers of frothy synths overs a monster, somewhat subby, bassline delivers a hypnagogic combination of energizing bass and cerebral sparkling leads. Danz’s sweet vocal drifts across the track like vapour with a mix of melancholy and optimism. Excellent laid back summer vibes.

Computer Magic – Mindstate

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[Video] Computer Magic’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’


All I Ever Wanted  Official    Computer Magic on Vimeo

There a new video fro amazing New York based producer Computer Magic’s All I Ever Wanted, a raw ElectroPop tune taken from her A Million Years release.

Directed and edited by Danz herself, the clip is part lyric video, part visual cues.

Computer Magic’s A Million Years is out now.

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Extra Stuff’ EP


Computer Magic

Extra Stuff. That’s what you want. Who doesn’t want extra stuff? And That’s just what Brooklyn’s finest synthstronaut, Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson, better know as Computer Magic, is giving us. Including her recently released tune, All I Ever Wanted,  and six other amazing tracks, Dani is giving away the whole Extra Stuff EP away for free right up until it goes on sale officially this week. But go and buy it anyway, it very much deserves some of your hard earned. The EP is made up of Computer Magic tunes that have found themselves online, some tracks released only in Japan and three brand new songs, that’s the kind of Extra Stuff we’re into.

The EPs opener, Time And Reason, is short but worth the admission price alone. A soaring introduction to the EP which sees Dani’s vocals sounding larger than ever set amongst rolling arpeggios. It Makes No Difference is a bong fuelled Cosmic jam, wailing vocals and buzzing synths trying to contain the chaos of the song. There’s a slight Post-Punk vibe to I’m The Pro, a strong New York feel too, all pulsating vintage synths and hollered voice giving off an intense DIY energy. Returning to the retro SynthPop arena for Time To Decide, showing off her 80s British Pop influences and Summer Vacation’s Parisian ElectroPop vibe Computer Magic settles into a sweet alt Pop groove for the EP’s middle section. Dani’s curiously heartfelt vocals are quite inviting, bobbing along with the warm classic electronic sounds. The EP closes on the stripped back and cute Living For A Second Day and the Synth ‘N’ Roll of the previously featured All I Ever Wanted. If you’re into the DIY synth thing, or New York SynthPop, or just some really enjoyable ElectroPop tunes, then check out this EP.

Computer Magic – Time To Decide

Computer Magic – Time And Reason

Computer Magic – Summer Vacation

Computer Magic – I’m The Pro

Computer Magic’s Extra Stuff EP is available to download not before it goes on sale this week.

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[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’


Computer Magic

All I Ever Wanted is the new tune from the amazing Computer Magic. It may only be a demo, but quite frankly we eagerly lap up anything Brooklyn based synth wizard Danielle Johnson releases. Her last proper release was A Million Years, from earlier this year which still stands out as one of the year’s highlights. Hopefully this new tune is an indication that Danz is back in the studio working on a new album maybe?

Musically, All I Ever Wanted is the epitome of Computer Magic. Raw drum machine beats and vintage synths, complex arrangements sounding deceptively simple. A robotic onslaught made to conform to human beauty, constructed of 80s flavours in a contemporary Indie-Electro mixture. Danz give this latest tune a bit of a Rock ‘N’ Roll edge with an almost early 80s post-punk slant to the vocals, setting it apart from other Computer Magic tunes, but making it infectious listening.

Computer Magic – All I Ever Wanted (Demo.)

Computer Magic’s A Million Years is out now.

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[Video] Computer Magic’s ‘A Million Years’ (+ ‘Another Science’)

Here’s the new video for the wonderful Computer Magic’s equally wonderful forthcoming new single, A Million Years. It’s an amazing slice of garage ElectroPop, and the video fits that ethos nicely.

Gorilla music video filmmaking at it’s finest, the clip is Lo-Fi and fun as hell.

While you’re here, check out one of the A Million Years EP. Another Science, a pulsating, delay fuelled Indie-ElectroPop track that sees Danielle working her Moog to it’s fullest

♫ Computer Magic – Another Science

You can pre-order the A Million Years 7” single from Computer Magic’s store, here.

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[MP3] Computer Magic

Computer Magic

One of out favourite artists hailing from Brooklyn (and that is no mean feat, we’re pretty sure that when you move to Brooklyn you get given a complimentary analog synth) is Computer Magic. We’ve written about Danielle Johnson’s music a fair bit over the past couple of years, but thinks have been pretty quite since last summer. No fear though, she’s back with a brand new single, A Million Years, due out in march and it’s everything we’ve been missing.

Mixing up a hazy Indie-Electro vibe with a solid Disco groove, A Million Years, pumps along to a hypnotic Moog bassline and spacious, atmospheric, buzzing synths, wrapping the listener in a blanket if electronic comfort while Danielle’s quirky lament sounds a lot more cheerful than the songs subject matter would suggest. If you like interesting, quite introspective, Indie-ElectroPop you’ve come to the right place.

Computer Magic – A Million Years

You can pre-order the A Million Years 7” single from Computer Magic’s store, here.

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Computer Magic’s ‘Everest’

computer magic

Today seems to have been full of big dance tracks, so it is quite a relief to sit back and enjoy the sounds of one of our favourite artist, Brooklyn one girl outfit Computer Magic. She’s just dropped a new demo track on SoundCloud, and we thank her for it.

‘Everest’ is smooth and dreamy. Reverby percussion and relaxing organ’s give the track a comforting atmosphere. Like all Danz’s track it’s a stripped down, introspective sounding affair. Listening to the track you feel invited into Computer Magic’s own private world, to share in her optimism and wonder at the world. With a sparse and intimate SynthPop sound she shares with fellow Brooklyn based artist Aaron Alexis, Danz’s music isn;t going to make you rush to the dancefloor, but will certainly be your companion on long journeys or rainy days. We’re really looking forward to her next EP.

Computer Magic – Everest (Demo.)

Computer Magic’s ‘Orion’ EP is out now on Kitsuné.

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Computer Magic’s ‘Trinity’ video

We featured Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic’s new EP back in February, now there’s a video for the EP’s lead track.

It’s a really nice clip, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes cute, sometimes nerdy. DIY videos at their best.

Computer Magic’s ‘Orion’ EP is out now on Kitsuné.

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