Computer Magic’s new EP

computer magic

Computer Magic is 22 year old DJ/Blogger/Graphic Designer Danz who has caught the eye of Kitsuné Music, who featured her on their last Maison album and are about to release her new EP.

Computer Magic’s ‘Orion’ EP is a wonderful journey through her Sci-Fi inspired electronic BedroomPop. As a whole the EP sounds at once like something very introspective, and at the same time a declaration of intent to the world. Danz’s brand of SynthPop is striped down and sparse, kinda’ quirky and raw but with an underlying Funk. Coming from that Brooklyn school of electronic Pop that has spawned more than a few BedroomPop artists who all manage a uniqueness to their sound, Computer Magic’s own groove in the genre is is futuristic, youthful, full of both energy and optimism, introspective and melancholy. Biscuit tin beats and toytown synths hammer out playful melodies while Danz’s vocals sound at once  more mature than her age and full of childlike wonder. It’s no surprise that Kitsuné picked up Computer Magic, she’s got the right amounts of danceability and personality they tend to go for. And so do we.

♫ Computer Magic – Trinity

Computer Magic’s ‘Orion’ EP is out 12th March.

Buy Computer Magic’s music from:


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