[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)’ & ‘Shipwrecking’


Computer Magic

As you’ve probably heard, seen the Instagram photos, felt a tiny bit jealous about, the east coast of the US has been hit with an awesome blizzard in recent days. Being this snowed in can be a godsend for musicians who get forced to be shut in and writing songs. Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic, Brooklyn’s queen of synth DreamPop too the opportunity to produce a brand new tune; Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By). The track is not one appearing on Computer Magic’s forthcoming LP, so she’s giving it away for free. Yay!

Bits of Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) certainly capture a wintery mood, but the whole track rolls along on a warm funk; delivered by raw drum samples and rounded synth bass. This meeting of icy and comforting really does capture the mood of being snowed in. Danz’s dainty vocal drifts in and out of the track, with a Chillwave, reverby edge, swapping prominence with buzzing electronics. Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By) has us well looking forward to the album.

Update: Since we wrote this (‘cos we tend to write at the weekend) Danze has unleashed another new track on her SoundCloud page. Shipwrecking is a effervescent exercise in garage SynthPop. Sounding like early an 90s Shoegaze tune recreated with vintage synths. Organic and fresh, Shipwrecking is the most fun you can have with synths and a voice and a healthy dose of Indie nostalgia.

Computer Magic – Dreams Of Better Days (Don’t Pass Me By)

Computer Magic – Shipwrecking

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