[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Extra Stuff’ EP


Computer Magic

Extra Stuff. That’s what you want. Who doesn’t want extra stuff? And That’s just what Brooklyn’s finest synthstronaut, Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson, better know as Computer Magic, is giving us. Including her recently released tune, All I Ever Wanted,  and six other amazing tracks, Dani is giving away the whole Extra Stuff EP away for free right up until it goes on sale officially this week. But go and buy it anyway, it very much deserves some of your hard earned. The EP is made up of Computer Magic tunes that have found themselves online, some tracks released only in Japan and three brand new songs, that’s the kind of Extra Stuff we’re into.

The EPs opener, Time And Reason, is short but worth the admission price alone. A soaring introduction to the EP which sees Dani’s vocals sounding larger than ever set amongst rolling arpeggios. It Makes No Difference is a bong fuelled Cosmic jam, wailing vocals and buzzing synths trying to contain the chaos of the song. There’s a slight Post-Punk vibe to I’m The Pro, a strong New York feel too, all pulsating vintage synths and hollered voice giving off an intense DIY energy. Returning to the retro SynthPop arena for Time To Decide, showing off her 80s British Pop influences and Summer Vacation’s Parisian ElectroPop vibe Computer Magic settles into a sweet alt Pop groove for the EP’s middle section. Dani’s curiously heartfelt vocals are quite inviting, bobbing along with the warm classic electronic sounds. The EP closes on the stripped back and cute Living For A Second Day and the Synth ‘N’ Roll of the previously featured All I Ever Wanted. If you’re into the DIY synth thing, or New York SynthPop, or just some really enjoyable ElectroPop tunes, then check out this EP.

Computer Magic – Time To Decide

Computer Magic – Time And Reason

Computer Magic – Summer Vacation

Computer Magic – I’m The Pro

Computer Magic’s Extra Stuff EP is available to download not before it goes on sale this week.

Buy Computer Magic’s music from:

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